Grandmother Pimped Out 1-Year-Old Granddaughter to Pedophile Boyfriend

Grandmother Pimped Out 1-Year-Old Granddaughter to Pedophile Boyfriend

The 47-year-old grandma from Adelaide watched as her partner abuse toddler

A grandmother allowed her pedophile boyfriend to sexually abuse her 20-month-granddaughter after he told her he was ‘sexually obsessed’ with little girls.

The 47-year-old grandma from Adelaide watched as her pedophile partner, Shane Alan Hartley, 35, sexually abused the child.

The woman was jailed for four years and four months today, but cannot be named for legal reasons.

Judge Liesl Chapman called the crime ‘unspeakable’ and ‘abhorrent,’ according to Adelaide Now.

Hartley has been sentenced to ten years and two months in jail for the sexual abuse of a child and distribution of child porn to a network of pedophiles around the world.

“Who could have thought a grandmother could let those things be done to her grandchildren?” Judge Chapman asked.

“Yours was the grossest abuse of trust that can be imagined.”

According to the DM: The pair met in 2017 and messaged on Facebook where Hartley told the older woman he was sexually drawn to little girls.

He demanded sexually explicit photos of the woman’s grandchildren, aged 20 months and under 12 months, which she agreed to send.

The court heard the grandmother took the 20-month-year-old to Hartley’s house in the northern suburbs of Adelaide in August 2017.

The toddler was abused so severely that she ‘wakes to scream with night terrors, has a violent reaction to nappy changes (and) refuses to enter a room that males are in,’ Judge Chapman said.

The judge stated it was premeditated as the grandmother willingly took the child to Hartley, knowing that she was going to be sexually abused.

Judge Chapman said the parents were not to blame as they were allowed to place their trust in the biological grandmother of the child.

Hartley was arrested on August 23, 2017, and police found hundreds of videos and pictures of child exploitation material.

They also found evidence he had been posing as a teenage boy in a bid to get naked photos from adolescent girls.

He had been in contact with a mother from New South Wales who sent 120 pictures of her nine-year-old daughter over a two-month period.

Hartley, who was already on the sex offenders’ register, was declared a dangerous repeat offender.

He was originally sentenced to more than 13 years in jail, but it was reduced by a year after he made a testimony against a pedophile from Canada.

The grandmother will eligible for parole in December 2021.

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