Greek Priest Beaten By Syrian Migrants in Front of His Own Church

Greek Priest Beaten By Syrian Migrants in Front of His Own Church

Police later arrested two suspects but where released following lack of evidence

A Greek priest who confronted Syrian migrants trespassing on the courtyard of the sanctuary of St. Nicholas in Patisia, Athens, was attacked in front of his church, according to reports.

Following a heated argument, the men reportedly punched the priest and then fled the scene.

Police later arrested two suspects but was released following lack of evidence, according to Proto Thema.

But later, the Syrian men arrived at the police station and surrendered to the authorities.

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Greek islanders responded angrily to the destruction of a large stone cross not long after a migrant NGO said it increased “hate” against migrants in the country.

The vicious attack comes just months after the stone cross in Lesbos was destroyed, following calls from left-wing NGOs for it to be removed claiming it promoted  “hate” against migrants on the island.

In Other European countries like Germany, citizens protested the recent spate of violence from immigrants which saw Iraqi and Syrian men arrested over the fatal stabbing of a German citizen.

Merkel’s spokesman said Germany would not tolerate “vigilante justice” from the far right.

The German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) admitted there had been around 100 attacks against Christians in the country with at least 14 cases involving asylum seekers, one of which included the murder of a Christian convert.

The UK government reportedly accepted over 1,100 Muslim Syrian refugees but refused Christians.

Even despite the suffering of Christians during seven years of civil war, including the persecution by Islamic State, the UK government still refused to accept Christian refugees.

In official figures:

4,832 Syrians invited to settle in the UK last year, only 11 were Christian.

Yesterday, Pope Francis called on  European leaders to receive a group of African migrants currently aboard two NGO vessels.

The boats, belonging to German NGOs Sea Watch and Sea Eye, each have 32 and 17 migrants onboard and are still waiting for a port to accept them.

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