Group of Lawyers Beats Pedophile Up in Court After Judge Sets Him Free

Group of Lawyers Beats Pedophile Up in Court After Judge Sets Him Free

Video goes viral after lawyers attack member of gang who raped child

After a pedophile gang, who drugged and raped a 12-year-old disabled girl was allowed to walk free from court, a group of lawyers attacked one of the rapists as he was leaving the court.

According to witnesses, the group of attorneys was infuriated by the ruling that set 18 members of the gang free after they were found guilty of repeatedly raping the child.

The lawyers reportedly “lost it” after seeing one of the pedophile “celebrating his victory” as he was leaving the court, and took matters into their own hands.

Video footage of the attack shows the lawyers dragging the man down the steps before beating him as he begged for mercy.

A clip of the incident that took place on Tuesday has since gone viral on social media as many see the court ruling as a miscarriage of justice.


Daily Wire reports: Police tried to stop the attack, but they were outnumbered by the lawyers.

The accused men, who worked in the girl’s apartment complex as elevator operators, plumbers or security guards, allegedly sedated the girl with spiked soft drinks, then transported her to vacant apartments in the complex where they raped her and often filmed the assaults over a period of seven months.

The crime was reportedly videotaped by the accused perpetrators, who later blackmailed the victim threatening to release the video online.

The girl’s ordeal finally came to light after she told her elder sister that her stomach was hurting her; the elder sister told their parents.

Chennai Police told the New Indian Express, “She told her sister that she was raped, sometimes even gang-raped, by the men working in the apartment they lived in.”

The girl’s mother told the police on July 15.

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