Hillary Clinton Cameos on Anti-Trump ‘Murphy Brown’ TV Show

Hillary Clinton Cameos on Anti-Trump ‘Murphy Brown’ TV Show

Former presidential candidate appears on Trump-bashing reboot

Hillary Clinton has appeared in a cameo role on the “Murphy Brown” as the 90s TV show gets a reboot to cash in on the Trump-bashing fashion that’s sweeping liberal America.

The failed 2016 Democrat presidential candidate played a guest role in the show in an attempt to boost the left-wing 1990s sitcom.

Clinton appears around halfway through the premiere episode playing “Hilary” who is applying for the job of Murphy Brown’s new secretary.

In Clinton’s scene, Brown, played by Candice Bergen, is returning to TV to “protest Trump” because she is furious that he became president.

Although President Trump never actually appears in the show himself, he plays a far larger role than Clinton, as he’s mentioned in almost every scene.

According to Breitbart, Brown is told that there will be a few candidate interviewing to become her secretary, the cue for Hillary to emerge from an elevator at the back of the set.

“Hello, I’m here to interview for the secretarial position,” Clinton said to thunderous applause from the studio audience.

Looking shocked, Brown notes how much she looks like Hillary Clinton.

“I get that a lot,” Clinton deadpans.

“But my name’s spelled with one ‘L,’” she said.

“I want you to know I’m not afraid of hard work; I’m qualified and ready on day one,” Clinton said as “Hilary.”

Bergen asks if she has secretarial experience and Clinton replies, “Absolutely, for four years I was the secretary of a very — I was the secretary of a very large organization.”

There was also a joke about emails.

Asked if she has experience with computers, “Hilary” replies, “Emails – I do have some experience with emails.”

Clinton did not interact with any other character on the show during her spot and after the bit with Bergen sauntered off stage to the applause of the studio audience.

Still, love her or hate her, Clinton’s spot was actually the only somewhat amusing bit on the entire, dismal episode.

The new Murphy Brown joins an already crowded field of anti-Trump, anti-Republican TV shows making it wholly unremarkable in that respect.

But, the premiere episode was one sustained, angry scream after another.

There was a celebration of “Women’s March” pussy hats and anti-Trump protests, hate for climate change deniers, attacks on Trump appointees, snide remarks about average GOP voters, and one slam on Donald Trump after another.

Speaking of computers, one of the themes of the episode was that Brown was a tech dinosaur still using a flip phone and was forced to join social media (upon which she naturally becomes a star immediately) with her return as a TV commentator.

But, in real life, social media was less forgiving.

Not once during the episode did #MurphyBrown trend on Twitter or Facebook.

So, promos where Bergen told the audience, “admit it, you missed me,” apparently missed the mark for reality.

If it were not for the studio audience laughter, one might miss the fact that Murphy Brown was supposed to be a comedy.

In fact, the show almost seemed like an epitaph marking the death of the old liberal elites of TV.

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