Hillary Clinton Complains She’s ‘the Most Investigated INNOCENT Person in America’

Hillary Clinton Complains She’s ‘the Most Investigated INNOCENT Person in America’

Twice-failed presidential candidate protests her innocence in new video footage

Hillary Clinton has complained that she is “the most investigated innocent person in America,” according to reports.

Clinton protests her innocence in unreleased video footage from a new documentary featuring the twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate.

The video was obtained by The Daily Mail and reportedly shows Hillary caught on tape while filming a new Hulu documentary about her life.

According to The Mail, which viewed an advance copy of the documentary, Clinton defends her misuse of classified emails, claiming “there was no law against it.”

She also terms the criticism of her handling of the Benghazi affair as a “character assault.”

Hillary goes on to play the victim card, blaming her negative public view on the press, who she suggests, target her because they just don’t like her.

“Going all the way back to the Whitewater days. I’ve never understood this and I will go to my grave not understanding it,” Clinton says while describing her relationship with the press.

“All these things get disproved, but the press, and I’m talking about the major press, they always bite … And I don’t know why.

“There’s an old joke about an old guy who is walking along the edge of the cliff, he slips and as he’s falling down and he grabs onto a branch and he’s holding on and he’s praying, going ‘God, God I’ve lived a good life, I’ve done everything I supposed to do…please Lord help me, help me.’

“And then this voice comes out and says ‘There’s just something about you that p**ses me off.’”

Gallup poll taken just before the 2016 election found that 52 percent of respondents thought the media favored Clinton while only 8 percent thought the media favored Trump, so there’s that.

I am the most investigated innocent person in America,” Clinton added.

“This is not just politics, this is deep cultural stuff.”

Speaking about her email activities, Clinton said, as The Daily Mail reported:

“When I became Secretary of State I decided to use the server that had been set up for Bill and his former president’s office.

“I did it as a matter of convenience.

“There was no regulation against it; there was nothing against it.

“Everybody knew I was doing it because they were all emailing me and I was emailing them and that was hundreds and hundreds of people in government.”

As noted by columnist Marc Thiessen in June 2018:

“The FBI knew with certainty at the time (2016) that hostile actors had in fact gained access to classified information via Clinton’s emails.

“According to the inspector general, a special review of the Clinton email investigation in 2017 by the office to the FBI’s Inspection Division found that, before Comey’s 2016 statement, ‘the FBI … successfully determined classified information was improperly stored and transmitted on Clinton’s email server, and classified information was compromised by unauthorized individuals, to include foreign governments or intelligence services, via cyber intrusion or other means.’”

The Daily Mail reports that, while speaking of Congressional investigations of her, Clinton moans “that kind of constant character assault takes a toll …

“Even people who are supporters or friends, they brush it off but it still has a little space in the back of their heads.

“So if something else happens the space gets a little bigger.

“That’s been the story of my public life.”

New York Times chief White House correspondent Peter Baker, reportedly offered a different perspective in the documentary.

Clinton is convinced she is a “righteous” person Baker says.

“If she decides it’s an okay thing to do it’s okay,” he adds.

“Anyone who criticizes it must be doing so for illegitimate reasons, they’re partisan, they’re enemies.”

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