Hillary Clinton Mobbed by Angry Protesters in Ireland: ‘War Criminal!’ – WATCH

Hillary Clinton Mobbed by Angry Protesters in Ireland: ‘War Criminal!’ – WATCH

Former secretary of State faces the wrath of the Irish

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton faced crowds of hecklers outside the Queen’s University in Belfast on Friday as she attended a ceremony to install her as the first female chancellor of the college.

In the 40 second clip, Clinton can be seen dressed in robes as she is followed by a small child carrying the gown.


One protester can be heard screaming “war criminal” while another shouted, “shame on Queen’s.”

According to various media reports, the demonstarotrs were there protesting US foreign policy.

Clinton was appointed as Queen’s chancellor last year, but the installation was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Irish Times reported:

Speaking after she was installed as chancellor of Queen’s University in Belfast – the first female chancellor in its more than a century-old history – the former US first lady said, “difficulties of the past continue to threaten the present.”

“Division over Brexit and the Northern Ireland protocol and proposed amnesty legislation might very well undermine a peaceful future, a future that people voted for, fought for, and even died for,” she said.

“I don’t pretend to have the political answers to resolve this impasse.

“That is up to the people of Northern Ireland. But I do know this: the future of Northern Ireland will be determined by the power of communities coming together, like the one here at Queen’s.”

Clinton faced similar treatment from protesters in 2018 when she told crowds they should not let Brexit undermine the Northern Ireland peace process.

Clinton was visiting Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland as she was picking up an honorary degree.

“As the Brexit debate rages on, I continue to believe in the value of the European Union, and of a Europe that is whole, free, and at peace.

“No matter the outcome of these discussions, Brexit should not be allowed to undermine the peace that people voted, fought and even died for.”

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