Hillary Clinton, Not Joe Biden, Is Speaking to Foreign Leaders about Afghanistan

Hillary Clinton, Not Joe Biden, Is Speaking to Foreign Leaders about Afghanistan

‘He has not yet spoken with any other world leaders’

Following Joe Biden’s disastrous pull out of U.S troops in Afghanistan, which has caused a massive vacuum of power from the Taliban, it also turns out he’s not even speaking to foreign leaders about the crisis, Hillary Clinton is.

Biden is yet to speak with any foreign counterparts folowing the Taliban’s take over of the Afghanistan capital of Kabul, security adviser Jake Sullivan confirmed.

“He has not yet spoken with any other world leaders,” Sullivan said during a briefing with reporters.

Sullivan noted that he and Secretary of State Antony Blinken had held regular calls with their own counterparts.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed he had spoken with Clinton by telephone to discuss their shared “concern for Afghan women and girls” after the Taliban takeover.

Trudeau said Clinton “welcomed our efforts and urged Canada to continue our work.”


“Governments, international organizations, and civil society must continue to work together to support women and girls in Afghanistan,” Trudeau said.

“The Afghan people need the world to stand with them, and that is what Canada will continue to do.”

Trudeau’s remarks prompted skeptical reactions from observers who noted Biden had disappeared on vacation.

Clinton seems a particularly poor choice of correspondent to discuss the fate of people trapped behind the lines.

On Tuesday, the Biden administration sent a strongly worded letter to the Taliban in defense of women’s rights:


“We are deeply worried about Afghan women and girls, their rights to education, work, and freedom of movement. We call on those in positions of power and authority across Afghanistan to guarantee their protection,” said the joint statement cosigned by Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and several other countries.

“We will monitor closely how any future government ensures rights and freedoms that have become an integral part of the life of women and girls in Afghanistan during the last twenty years,” the signatories warned.

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