Hillary Clinton to Give Keynote Speech During Cyber Security Summit

Hillary Clinton to Give Keynote Speech During Cyber Security Summit

Former secretary of state booked to speak at FireEye cyber defense summit

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is to serve as the keynote speaker at an upcoming summit on cyber security.

California-based cybersecurity firm FireEye announced Thursday that Clinton, who famously used an unsecured private server for classified emails, will give the keynote speech at its annual summit in Washington, D.C., in October.

“Cyber security is not any one defender’s responsibility, but a global effort — a cause championed by many for the good of all,” FireEye said in a press release.

“By coming together as a community to innovate, build strategies and share knowledge on today’s threats and tomorrow’s risks, we empower ourselves as defenders with the collective wisdom to protect our way of life and the technologies that have become central to it.”

A separate tweet from the company read: “We are pleased to announce that Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will be a featured keynote at our #FireEyeSummit in October!

“Secretary Clinton will engage in an intimate Q&A keynote discussion.”

FireEye’s website touted its “informative and insightful keynotes from industry thought leaders.”

“Take this opportunity to share best practices, learn about the latest advancements, and enhance your cyber preparedness,” the company said of the event.

As the Daily Caller reports, Clinton will have plenty to talk about at the summit.

The private email server that Clinton used while at the State Department contained thousands of emails that contained classified information, including some at the top-secret level. 

Clinton was widely ridiculed during the campaign when she was asked whether she deleted any of the emails from her server.

“Like, with a cloth or something?” she asked in response to the question.

The FBI investigated Clinton for mishandling classified information, but she was not charged in the probe.

James Comey, who served as FBI director during the investigation, called Clinton’s use of the server “extremely careless.”

He said it made more vulnerable to cyber attack by foreign powers, though investigators did not find evidence that the server was hacked.

Clinton has also asserted the hacks of her campaign chairman’s emails and that of the Democratic National Committee led to her defeat at the hands of Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

The Russian government allegedly hacked into the DNC’s computer systems and released nearly 20,000 emails through WikiLeaks.

The same Russian intelligence operation also stole John Podesta’s emails through an unsophisticated spear-phishing attack.

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