Hillary Clinton’s Popularity Plummets and Melania Trump’s Surges, Poll Shows

Hillary Clinton’s Popularity Plummets and Melania Trump’s Surges, Poll Shows

First lady’s popularity surges against Hillary’s

First lady Melania Trump has been voted the third most admired in America this year, according to a new YouGov poll.

Trump’s popularity has surged recently as she made massive gains as former First Lady Hillary Clinton ’s saw a drop. 

Melania jumped seven places to received the third-best title behind former First Lady Michelle Obama, and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

But Hillary dropped four places and came eighth most admired out of the list of 10.

Twitter trolls recently targeted Melania and turned the recent “send her back” which was aimed at Ilhan Omar on her.

The comment has since intensified as Michelle was voted “most admired” over Melania.

But of course, the Twitter trolls were out in force.

One Twitter user said: “The difference being Michelle Obama isn’t a gold-digger.”

Another added:

“Melania, you need a new slogan. Be Best didn’t make you the most admired woman in the USA, certainly not the world tr keep the words “Be Best” and put actions behind them or admit you lie.”

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump averaged a 42.7% approval rating from April to July, Gallup has reported.

The rating, which doesn’t include to the Presidents spat with the four progressive Democratic lawmakers, otherwise known as the ‘squad,’ or the House resolution passed on Wednesday to condemn Trump.

The follow-up to impeach Trump went down in flames on Wednesday by a vote of 332-95.

The 95 votes to impeach unsurprisingly all came from Democratic lawmakers.

Last year, Clinton lost her crown as the American women’s ‘most admired woman’ Gallup reported.

Clinton lost the vote to Former first lady Michelle Obama, who was named the woman Americans admire most in the world, which saw 15 percent of those surveyed choosing her.

In second place came Oprah Winfrey, who saw just 5 percent of the vote, with Hillary coming at third with Melania Trump at 4 percent.

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