Human Rights Doctors: Children Slaughtered In Fake Gas Attack By White Helmets

Human Rights Doctors: Children Slaughtered In Fake Gas Attack By White Helmets

‘False flag’ orchestrated by the White Helmets?

According to a group of Swedish human Rights Doctors, they have found evidence that the chemical attack on Syrian civilians was a staged ‘false flag’ orchestrated by the White Helmets.

The doctors claim that the video showing the chemical attack by the Syrian government forces are not genuine, describing it as counterfeit.’

They went on to claim that the “rescue” by White Helmets was actually designed to slaughter civilians.

Looking at the video analysis, the footage shows the doctors seemingly working on a child that was assumed dead.

But after a more in-depth investigation, the human rights team discovered that the boy was actually unconscious from overdosing on opiates.

The video then shows the child receiving a chest injection but was then killed following a seemingly fake adrenaline injection 
According to alahednews: The doctors determined in its analysis:

• The video should be life-saving measures after a chemical attack with chlorine gas [now claimed to be Sarin-not possible], including injection of adrenaline via syringe with a long needle into the heart of an infant. In no way were treatments correctly given for any potential chemical agent.

• The handling and treatment of the child were done in a manner that was careless, dangerous and likely to cause serious harm.

• Most telling is the fake repeated shots of adrenalin, supposedly into the heart. The medical personnel and I think we can safely call them actors at this point, failed to push the plunger on the needle. Thus, the contents of the syringe were never injected as is clearly visible in the video itself.

• The visible diagnosis by a team of actual medical experts, based on what is observed in the video, indicates that the child was suffering from an injection of opiates and was likely dying of an overdose. There is no evidence of any other agent, chemical or otherwise.

• None of the children in the videos showed any sign of being a victim of a chemical attack. From an earlier video by the White Helmets:

• It was clear that the faked injection with the long needle administered through the stitches murdered the child in the video. This was a purposeful killing staged to appear as medical treatment.

• Behind the fake translation of the videos, the actual Arabic included stage directions for positioning the child for the video, not for medical treatment.

This was followed by more macabre discoveries in the videos not seen initially in the article White Helmets Movie: Updated Evidence from Swedish Doctors Confirm Fake Life Saving Practices Injure Children.

The collective findings of the Swedish doctors [swedhr] with regard to the propaganda and fakery by al-Qaeda in Syria: (Al Nusra) are in line with the findings of leading German and International Scientists for Syria War.

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