Hungary Rejects Mass Migration, Pushes Pro-Family Policies Instead

Hungary Rejects Mass Migration, Pushes Pro-Family Policies Instead

Péter Szijjártó says country opted to support local people and raise their own families

Foreign minister Péter Szijjártó has described Hungary’s rejection of multiculturalism and mass migration as a resolution to market and demographic challenges.

Szijjártó explained how the country is favoring a more socially cohesive society along with ‘pro-family’ policies which support local people to ‘upskill’ and raise their own families.

“We have made it very clear during the debate in the European Union that we do not consider migration as a proper answer to our challenges regarding demography, or our challenges regarding the labor market,” he told Breitbart in an interview.

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“When it comes to demography, we would rather support our families to be able to raise more kids, and not to make it an economic decision whether to have another kid or not,” he explained.

The policies the Fidesz-KDNP government under Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is supporting includes natural population growth instead of opting for mass migration.

Other policies include free kindergarten, school books, and meals.

A policy that such as “taxation system which favors the family” is also included.

He also described how “in case of raising three kids and having a salary around the average, you are basically exempt from paying personal income tax; you can get good tax exemptions if you build a house or buy one if you have kids in the family.”

Szijjártó said his government favored to modernize the education, support skills training and involve businesses in shaping the curriculum rather than the low pay model by pro-mass migration governments such as Angela Merkel’s.

Szijjártó then noted the pressure from global forces pressing the country to embrace multiculturalism like the rest of Europe but insisted it was his nations right to choose sovereignty

“Our country has a totally different history, for example, compared the United States, or France, or whatever,” he explained.

“We have always been a kind of homogenous society, and we believe that it must be a decision of ours, up to the decision of our nation, whether we want to change that or not — and our decision is no, we don’t want to change that,” he continued.

“We never judge those who think that multiculturalism is more beneficial for them, but we expect them not to put pressure on us to think the same way, and especially we find it unacceptable — we find it absolutely unacceptable — that anyone would highlight multiculturalism as by definition better, or more valuable, than a homogenous society,” he insisted.

“Let’s leave it to the given nations to make a judgment, to a make a decision, on that.”

Last November Szijjártó slammed the UN Migration Pact for striving to “legalize illegal immigration,” declaring his country will vote ‘no’ on the agreement in Marrakesh this December.

Szijjártó said, “The goal of the UN Global Compact for Migration is to legalize illegal immigration, which is unacceptable and violates the sovereignty of member states, including that of Hungary.”

“The UN is making the same mistake as the European Union, which wants to base its migration policy on mandatory resettlement quotas,” he added.

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