Ilhan Omar: American Power Built on Racism and History of ‘Oppression’

Ilhan Omar: American Power Built on Racism and History of ‘Oppression’

Progressive Congresswoman play identity politics by bringing up the past

Doing what many ‘progressive’ Democrats do best, bringing up events from hundreds of years ago to argue their case on current issues, Rep. Ilhan Omar has done just that.

Omar, who has been accused of dividing people with ‘identity politics,’ said people in the United States need to accept the country’s power derives from racism and that its history is “built on the oppression of black bodies.”

“From slavery to Jim Crow to redlining to mass incarceration to voter suppression, racism is part of the foundation of American power,” the Minnesota Democrat said during a panel discussion on Capitol Hill on Thursday.

“Our task as organizers is not only to all-out the specific incidences of racism,” she added.

“It is to recognize that our history is built on the oppression of black bodies.”

Omar also claimed that being “not racist” is not good enough in what she describes as a “racist society.”

“We must be anti-racist,” she said, quoting Angela Davis.

“In a racist society, it is not enough to be nonracist,” Omar said.

“We must be anti-racist.”

The Muslim Democrat also told Americans they need to ask themselves what the U.S. did wrong overseas to cause refugees to flock to this country.

“When you see a Somali refugee or an Iraqi refugee or a Libyan refugee, we often are like, ‘this is my neighbor — they must have survived some struggle.’ We don’t ever pause to think, ‘What American policy made them come over here?’” she said.

Last month Omar faced backlash for describing herself in a tweet as “Hijabi, Muslim, Black, Foreign-born, Refugee, Somali,” while failing to list “American.”

Omar’s GOP challenger, Dalia al-Aqidi, who is an Iraqi refugee, gave a simple but powerful reply to the congresswoman’s tweet:

“I am an American,” replied al-Aqidi during.

“That’s why I’m running for Congress,” al-Aqidi added.

In January, al-Aqidi spoke out against Omars’ “hateful rhetoric.

The Republican said she was tired of hearing the congresswoman play “identity politics” while using language she believes is “dividing” America.

Al-Aqidi joins a growing field of Republicans looking to take on Omar.

“She needs to be stopped,” al-Aqidi told Fox News.

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