Ilhan Omar: ‘Inherent Racism’ Has Always Been a Part of Trump

Ilhan Omar: ‘Inherent Racism’ Has Always Been a Part of Trump

Freshman congresswoman continues feud with president

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar hit back at President Donald Trump claiming that he has always been inherently racist.

Speaking at the Muslim Caucus Education Collective’s 2019 Conference on Tuesday, the freshman congresswoman made comments accusing the president of being racist amid the ongoing feud. 

“People will say, his remarks are racist, and we will forget the inherent racism that has always been part of him,” Omar said.

“And how much he always takes the opportunity to others, to vilify them and destroy their existence and ability to access our justice system, even when we think back to the exonerated Central Park Five, young boys,” she continued.

“Going out of your way to ask for lynching for five innocent young men, boys, and to have the full support of society and the media to say this is okay, someone is just angry to be calling for the lynching of young people makes it recognize how we got here today.”

Last week, Omar (D-MN) vowed to continue being a “nightmare” for President Donald Trump as she received a rock star welcome in her Minnesota district.

Omar issued the warning following a turbulent week in which she and other members of the so-called AOC Squad repeatedly clashed with President Trump.

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Crowds of people greeted Omar as she arrived at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Many of her supporters were carrying placards backing for the freshman congresswoman for her anti-Trump campaign.

But Trump accused Omar of staging the “rock star” welcoming she received when arriving in Minnesota.

Trump ridiculed the crowd of supporters gathered in the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport to welcome Omar, arguing that the people of Minnesota “can’t stand” the radical Democratic lawmaker.

The president added that citizens of the state object to Omar’s “hatred of our country,” before vowing to win the state in 2020.

Trump slammed the establishment media over their coverage of the event, accusing them of a “sick partnership” with the radical left.

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