Ilhan Omar’s Endorsement Fails as Sanders Gets Pummelled in Minnesota

Ilhan Omar’s Endorsement Fails as Sanders Gets Pummelled in Minnesota

Months of campaigning with progressive rep fails to bare fruit

Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders over the past year has been holding rallies with surrogate Rep. Ilhan Omar, even bringing her to the night before the state primary in a bid to win Minnesota.

But those months of campaigning didn’t bear any fruit and failed to help deliver in Omar’s congressional district.

In fact, Sanders lost by more than 60,000 votes.

Moreover, Sanders didn’t lose to native Klobuchar, but to Joe Biden, who didn’t even contest the state but surged overnight.

Despite controversies, Omar has been lionized by the establishment media.

Sanders has since relied on the endorsement of Omar and fellow socialist superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

But despite months of campaigning, Omar failed to put him over the top in the state.

Meanwhile, Biden beat Sanders in Hennepin County, Omar’s district.

He also won Ramsey County, which includes the other Twin City of St. Paul, where the Monday night rally with Omar was held.

On Wednesday, Sanders accused the ‘political establishment’ of conspiring to “derail” his campaign in a message to his supporters during a fundraising plea Tuesday evening.

The socialist Vermont senator wrote in an email titled “We need a lot of donations today,” said the establishment had chosen Joe Biden as their candidate.

“The political establishment has chosen their candidate. It’s Joe Biden,” the email read.

“And they’re lining up behind him in an effort to derail our momentum in this race.”

Trump has also accused Democrats of plotting to take the nomination away from Sanders, saying the system was rigged against him.

It looks like the Democrats have repeated their same tactics from 2016.

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