Illegal Alien Raped Girl He Claimed Was ‘His Daughter’ To Cross Border

Illegal Alien Raped Girl He Claimed Was ‘His Daughter’ To Cross Border

Pedro and his ‘fake daughter ‘ entered the United States illegally

An Illegal Alien who entered the United States with a girl he claimed was his daughter was arrested by police after it was discovered he was raping the girl who was no relation to him.

Ramon Pedro was arrested and charged with multiple felony offenses for rape, oral copulation, endangering/causing injury to a child and forcible sexual penetration.

Pedro and his ‘fake daughter ‘ entered the United States illegally at the Ysleta Port of Entry in Texas on April 16 -according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Pedro and his alleged daughter were both arrested by Customs and Border Protection upon entry to the US, but then released them under an alternatives-to-detention program.

According to EpochTimes: ICE only has 2,500 family beds available, which are often at capacity, hence the use of alternatives-to-detention programs.

Over three months later, on July 26, Pedro and his alleged daughter were hospitalized at the Fresno Community Regional Hospital for tuberculosis (TB) screening, according to DHS.

“At this time, medical staff discovered that Pedro’s alleged daughter was being sexually assaulted and the local police were notified,” a DHS official said in a statement.

“Then it was determined that Pedro and the daughter are not related at all.

“In fact, the victim’s mother told her daughter to accompany Pedro to the United States, and he would secure her employment.”

Pedro was arrested the following day and is currently detained in Fresno County Jail on a $310,000 bond.

Two-thirds of migrants traveling through Mexico report experiencing violence along the journey, including abduction, theft, extortion, torture, and rape, according to Doctors Without Borders (MSF), which has been been providing medical and mental health care for migrants and refugees in Mexico since 2012.

Almost 1 in 3 women surveyed by MSF said they had been sexually abused during their journey—60 percent through rape.

Customs and Border Protection commissioner Kevin McAleenan said the agency’s intelligence and interviews put the numbers even higher.

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