Illegal Aliens Demanding $1.2K Each in Taxpayer-Funded Checks Amid Coronavirus

Illegal Aliens Demanding $1.2K Each in Taxpayer-Funded Checks Amid Coronavirus

Far left ‘open borders’ groups plead with government on virus relief package

Illegal aliens are demanding $1,200 in taxpayer-funded federal checks from the government as part of the coronavirus crisis relief package.

Organizations that are pleading with the federal government to cut federal checks to illegal aliens, unsurprisingly, include open borders organizations like the George Soros-funded United We Dream, the National Immigration Law Center, and the National Immigrant Justice Center.

The current coronavirus relief package includes $1,200 for American citizens with Social Security Numbers (SSN) or those considered “resident aliens,” like lawful residents in the U.S. on green cards.

But illegal aliens are excluded from receiving the federal checks, which has so far outraged the far-left and the open borders lobby.

Officials with the National Immigrant Justice Center posted online:

“Everyone, regardless of immigration status, must have access to testing, medical care & financial relief. Congress must ensure that all Americans can focus on keeping their families & communities safe & healthy.”

Advocates of illegal aliens United We Dream demanded federal checks go to all residents regardless if they are here illegally or not:

Illegal alien advocates are also demanding the public to urge lawmakers to provide federal checks to illegal aliens amid the coronavirus crisis.

The petition reads:

“All people, regardless of immigration status, must be included in the stimulus.”

“Cash payments must go to all taxpayers, including immigrants who pay using an ITIN … coronavirus testing and care must be free and accessible to all: Amend Emergency Medicaid to cover Covid-19 costs, so patients get care regardless of immigration status,” it added.

The petition also asks lawmakers to overturn President Trump’s “Public Charge” rule, which guarantees American taxpayers are not paying to resettle illegal immigrants.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was not happy either.

The far-left congresswoman blasted President Donald Trump and Republicans for not granting $1,200 coronavirus stimulus checks for illegal aliens.

The New York socialist lawmaker is furious that the emergency bill passed in the Senate this week, after extensive negotiations, puts Americans first and doesn’t prop up illegals with taxpayer money.

Earlier this week, Several progressive Democratic lawmakers demanded the Department of Homeland Security releases illegal aliens from detention and lightens immigration enforcement measures.

Democratic Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal joined other Democratic members of Congress to demand that acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf take action to protect the immigrant community and detained illegal aliens from COVID-19.

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