Illegal Migrant In UK Caught Roaming Streets with Axe and Meat Cleaver

Illegal Migrant In UK Caught Roaming Streets with Axe and Meat Cleaver

Authorities of 25-year-old Albanian immigrant following arrest months prior

Police in the UK have caught an illegal migrant suspected of dealing cocaine and heroin roaming the streets with an axe and a meat cleaver.

Authorities initially lost track of Arsen Spahiu, 25-year-old Albanian months before, but was re-arrested on suspicion of possessing cocaine and heroin with intent to supply in Southampton, according to Portsmouth’s The News.

Spahiu was released without charge by police pending an investigation but lost track of him despite him being an illegal migrant without leave to remain in the country.

Officers caught the Albanian on the streets of Portsmouth brandishing an axe and a meat cleaver, and also in possession of a bogus Italian driver’s license.

According to Breitbart: He is thought to have broken into the country by concealing himself underneath a lorry, sometime between 2015 and 2018.

Albanians have carved out an increasingly influential presence on the British crime scene in recent years, expanding links with South American cartels and become dominant players in the high-quality cocaine trade.

“The Albanian impact has affected some cities,” admitted Chief Constable of Merseyside Andy Cook in 2018.

“The Balkan-region criminality is layered on top of other criminality from our homegrown criminals. The increase in cocaine and crack will be a driver [for violence],” he warned.

Albanian gangsters have been noted for their above-average propensity for violence, with police in London uncovering weapons caches including Skorpion sub-machine guns in their possession.

The National Crime Agency, which advertises itself as a British version of America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), has also remarked that “criminals from the Balkans are increasingly expanding their network of connections, forming direct connections with cocaine suppliers in Latin America.”

“It’s very much a group that’s small in number but big in impact,” added NCA Deputy Director-general, Matthew Horne.

“We have seen an emergence of violence, particularly around enforcing the drug trade, in this group.”

The left-liberal Observer newspaper has hinted Albanian gangs’ success is a product of their clannishness and aggressiveness, rooted in their Muslim-majority homeland’s “medieval code of kanun [an “eye for an eye” code of law].”

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