Illegal Migrants Receive Free Coronavirus Tests While UK Health Workers Denied

Illegal Migrants Receive Free Coronavirus Tests While UK Health Workers Denied

NHS staff being refused tests offered to boatloads of illegals

Boatloads of illegal migrants have been arriving in the UK and receiving free coronavirus tests, while many healthcare workers are being refused, according to reports.

“In line with Public Health England guidance, Border Force and all operational staff have the relevant Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available to them,” said a Home Office spokesperson.

“[The migrants] were taken on board the cutters and brought to Dover where they received further medical assessment, which will include looking for the symptoms of coronavirus,” the spokesman added in comments reported by the Daily Mail.

Many migrants head to the welfare-friendly UK to claim asylum, even if they haven’t come directly from a troubled nation.

Despite France being a safe, first world country — with several more safe countries standing between it and trouble spots such as Syria and Libya — migrants who cross the English Channel to Britain are not turned back once they reach British shores.

Instead, they are brought ashore in order to claim asylum, in line with European Union regulations which Britain still has to follow, meaning only a small percentage is deported back to France.

The boat migrants situation unfolded as British healthcare workers were complaining that they were not being tested for COVID-19.

Staff are reportedly being denied the test despite experiencing symptoms after close contact with the Chinese virus, according to Breitbart.

Consultant cardiologist Mark Gallagher told the Guardian he was confident he had the coronavirus after contact with a woman who “almost certainly” contracted it in his hospital and subsequently died from it.

He was forced to pay a private clinic for a test, however.

“Approximately 50 nurses dealt with her and many doctors,” he said.

“None has been tested. All are still at work.”

The Tory-supporting Telegraph received similar complaints from insiders, described as “not reflexive ideological enemies of the Tories… [but] Telegraph readers who fear that a terrible mistake is being made.”

Many stated that the United Kingdom is heading for “catastrophe.”

“I will be arriving in my suit and tie tomorrow with nothing to prevent me catching [the virus], and working in an operating theatre that a Covid patient was in on Friday, nobody aware that he had it, and the staff members I will be working with, will all have been in contact with that patient,” said one.

“So, the NHS is just about to explode in terms of absences, simultaneously with the patient explosion,” he warned.

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