Inuit Elders Are Warning Humanity: ‘The Earth’s Axis Has Shifted’

Inuit Elders Are Warning Humanity: ‘The Earth’s Axis Has Shifted’

Indigenous people of North America warn the world and NASA

Inuit elders are warning NASA and citizens of the world that the Earth is experiencing catastrophic natural changes.

The indigenous people have warned NASA that the Earth has shifted on its axis causing a dramatic impact on the planet’s climate.

The indigenous people of northern Canada and parts of Greenland and Alaska warn that devastating changes coming to the Earth’s climate are a natural occurrence and not the result of man-made “climate change” or “global warming.”

Woked reports: Inuit elders have another explanation for climate change on Earth, and it’s something humans have no control over.

Several Inuit elders have passed their evidence over to NASA, giving testimony of their proof.

Leaders of these native North American people have proven to scientists that changes in temperature levels in the world are caused by a natural occurrence, and not a man-made one.

Inuit elders have shown NASA that the world has tilted on its axis.

The Earth has shifted

The Inuits of the Arctic regions have actually been enjoying the sun all their lives.

For thousands of years, they and their ancestors before them, have taken note of the changes in its positions at all points throughout the day.

They declare that due to the tilt, the sunlight now strikes Earth from a greater angle.

This change in angle accounts for their longer daylight as well as the environmental changes such as wind and drift shifts.

Moreover, the Inuit senior citizens claim the night sky has actually been changed, and positions of stars have actually shifted due to the new angle.

Other Inuit groups support their observations from the Arctic regions who have made identical findings.

NASA agrees with Inuit elders

NASA is approaching the issue with a different perspective.

According to the official NASA website, they do not deny the alterations explained by the Inuit elders or the possibility of a tilted Earth.

Their position is that these changes are occurring due to global warming instead of global warming being the outcome.

The International Business Times reiterates NASA’s claim that this phenomenon is due to global warming.

Nevertheless, NASA claims that the shift is an occurrence that had taken place over tens of thousands of years.

The North American Space Agency scientists believe the change started a long time before humans started launching carbon dioxide or other toxins into the atmosphere.

The Inuits intended to alert NASA that the environmental change was a natural procedure of a moving Earth, not caused by global warming.

The space company has actually in turn dispersed short articles through its channel using their evidence that the Earth has tilted as proof of its own program.

However, NASA says the shift is the result of global warming and climate change, caused by human beings.

What do you think is causing changes to the Earth’s climate?

Is it caused by human’s carbon footprint, or is it a naturally occurring phenomenon?

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