Iran Ordered to Pay $6 Billion To 9/11 Victims’ Families for Aiding Attacks

Iran Ordered to Pay $6 Billion To 9/11 Victims’ Families for Aiding Attacks

federal court found Iran had supplied material to support terrorist group Al Qaeda.

Iran has been ordered to pay $6billion to families to the families of the victim’s of 9/11 by a federal judge after he found that multiple government entities had facilitated the September 11 attacks.

Judge George B. Daniels confirmed that the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were responsible for facilitating the tragic terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of thousands of US citizens according to reports.

Robert Haefele, the attorney for the 9/11 victim’s families, announced the federal court found Iran had supplied material to support terrorist group Al Qaeda.

“The evidence presented established that Iran’s provision of material support to al-Qaeda was a cause of the 9/11 attacks and the resulting damage, injuries, and deaths,” Haefele told ABC news

“It is difficult for those injured or left behind to ignore the findings of the federal court about Iran’s culpability”

The investigation into the 9/11 attacks was recently reopened after families of the victims of 9/11 have petitioned to have the investigation reopened after finding “conclusive evidence of explosives”.

The group states that they had gathered “conclusive evidence” that explosives were planted and detonated in all three of the World Trade Center buildings.

The petition also states that the evidence proves, unequivocally, that this is the actual reason for the towers’ collapse.

DailyMail reports: An attorney for the families, Robert Haefele (right), said the federal court found Iran had provided material support to al Qaeda led by Osama bin Laden

‘But those findings should not overshadow the mountain of evidence presented against Saudi Arabia, which remains central to the plaintiffs’ case.’

The judge ordered the following to be paid in damages: $8.5million for each parent, $12.5million for each spouse, $8.5million per child and $4.25million per sibling,’ as seen on the outlet.

Iran has kept quiet about the lawsuit and it’s unlikely they will ever pay.

The ruling comes as families to the 9/11 victims announced plans to take the next steps in a broader court case against Saudi Arabia.

Family members and survivors of the terrorist attack sued the Saudi government in 2003 and claimed employees knowingly assisted hijackers who carried out the attacks and fueled al-Qaida’s development into a terrorist organization by funding charities that supported the group.

The Saudi government has long denied any involvement in the attacks.

Brett Eagleson, whose father was killed in the twin towers, told a news conference earlier this month that the plaintiffs plan a grassroots effort to compel the CIA, the FBI and others to turn over information that could shed light on potential Saudi complicity.

‘The 9/11 families aren’t going anywhere,’ said Eagleson, 32, of Middletown, Connecticut.

‘We had my dad’s grandchildren in the audience today who want to know the truth about what happened to their grandfather.’

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