Italy Leader Rejects Globalist EU Migrant Plan, Vows to ‘Crush Human Trafficking’

Italy Leader Rejects Globalist EU Migrant Plan, Vows to ‘Crush Human Trafficking’

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini refuses proposal during Helsinki migration talks

Italy’s populist leader Matteo Salvini has rejected the EU’s globalist migrant plan, vowing instead to “crush human trafficking.”

Italian Interior Minister Salvini refused to change his country’s position on mass-migration during emergency talks in Helsinki on the distribution of Mediterranean migrants.

The discussion in Finland’s capital was regarding the formation of a coalition of countries within the European Union who would open up their borders to accept mass-immigration from mostly African nationals.

The proposal being pushed requests several EU member states begin to systematically admit all migrants whenever they disembark from rescue ships between now and October, according to German news outlet Bild.

Shortly after the meeting, where interior ministers from around the EU debated the proposal, Salvini wrote on Twitter:

“While France and Germany continue to want Italy to be one of the very few landing countries, we are working on a solid Mediterranean axis which wants to change the rules and crush human trafficking.”

Apparently, Interior minister of Germany, Horst Seehofer (CSU), is still hopeful that the Franco-German globalist alliance can still convince Salvini and his counterparts from Malta to go along with their pro-mass-immigration agenda.

Matteo Salvini’s nationalist-populist government has stood firm in its refusal to permit NGO sea vessels carrying migrants to dock at Italian ports as long as too few EU countries pledge to routinely admit such migrants.

Officials from the EU have said that so far six of the EU’s 28 member states including France and Germany were willing to join the initiative.

Countries participating in the initiative will “contribute through October to the reception of asylum-seekers rescued at sea by private vessels in the Central Mediterranean,” according to the proposal.

It is said that the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, will be responsible for ensuring the migrants are relocated and distributed to participating countries promptly after they arrive at the ports of countries like Italy and Malta.

Member states of the European Union have been arguing fervently about the migrant situation in the Mediterranean for several years now.

Recently, an NGO migrant transport vessel wasn’t permitted to dock in an Italian port.

The ship ended up ramming Italian coast guard vessels and endangering lives in an attempt to dock against the will of the Italian government.

The stir caused intense debate between globalists and nationalists leaders inside the EU.

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