Jailed Pedophile Offered Inmate $9,000 To Assassinate His 9-Year-Old Victim

Jailed Pedophile Offered Inmate $9,000 To Assassinate His 9-Year-Old Victim

Man facing charges of capital sexual battery on a 9-year-old girl

A pedophile, jailed for horrific child sex crimes, tried to hire his fellow inmate to assassinate his 9-year-old victim and her mother, father, sister, and uncle. 

Billy Warren Pierce Jr., 44, who is set to answer charges of capital sexual battery on a 9-year-old girl, is accused of trying to hire a fellow prisoner $9,000 to carry out the hit on the child and her family.

The inmate who Pierce Jr. offered the money for the assassination to immediately reported the officials at Pasco County Jail on August 22, according to TampaBay.

Pierce was arrested on Friday after officials collecting damning evidence that proved the inmate’s claims.

When Pierce was questioned about the plot, he initially denied it.

But when he was informed he was about to arrested for solicitation of murder, he allegedly responded “But I haven’t paid him any money yet.”

Other inmates claimed that Pierce was friends with the father of the victim, a visited the house, according to an arrest report

Police told him he could enter the enter through the usually locked door, or even break a gas line at the rear of the house and divert it through a window to poison those inside.

Sheriff’s deputies seized a contract signed by Pierce.

‘It basically goes through the details on the members that needed to be murdered.

‘Mr Pierce initialed by the amount he’s going to pay the inmate,’ said Detective James Hicks.

A conversation between Pierce and inmate discussing the plan was also captured on an audio recording device.

Pierce knew his victim and her family well, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Deputies said he told the would-be murderer who the girl lived with, what they looked like, where they worked and hung out, how to enter the house, what cars they drove and more.

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