Jill Biden Asked About Probe Into Hunter’s China Dealings, Handlers Step In

Jill Biden Asked About Probe Into Hunter’s China Dealings, Handlers Step In

Reporter Griff Jenkins shooed away after questions

When Jill Biden was asked by reporters about the federal investigation into Hunter Biden‘s dealings with China, Biden handlers suddenly became aggressive.

Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins asked Jill Biden about the investigation into the former Vice President’s son.

Biden’s wife had traveled to DC to assemble care packages with Operation Gratitude to be given to the troops during the Christmas holiday while overseas.

As Neon Nettle reported:

Federal authorities were forced to pause their investigation into Hunter in the run-up to the election to avoid affecting the outcome, which would be a breach of the Justice Department guidelines.

Now Election Day has passed, prosecutors in Delaware, the IRS Criminal Investigation agency, and the FBI, have stepped up their probe by issuing subpoenas and seeking interviews, according to CNN.


The probe also reportedly involves a laptop that belonged to Hunter Biden, the existence of which was first reported by The New York Post.

The computer’s hard drive contains communications and documents detailing some of the Biden family’s business dealings in China and Ukraine.

Joe Biden has yet to make a personal public statement on the matter, however.

Investigators are looking into whether Hunter and his business associates violated various tax and money laundering laws, CNN said.

The probe is focused on Hunter’s business dealings in China and other countries.

The investigation also involves transactions with people who posed counterintelligence concerns, CNN said.

But it seems Biden’s handlers are working hard to protect Jill Biden from questions about her criminal stepson.

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