Jim Carrey Slams Mueller: ‘You Saw Obstruction and Washed Your Hands Of It’

Jim Carrey Slams Mueller: ‘You Saw Obstruction and Washed Your Hands Of It’

Actor can’t accept Mueller’s report clears Trump of wrongdoing

Liberal Hollywood celebrities never seem to learn that getting involved in politics, at least the majority of the time, does not compliment their careers, and actor Jim Carrey is no exception. 

Carrey, who was once one of the highest paid actors in the world, now spends his time posting satirical ‘political art’ pushing a far left ideology and anti-Trump garble.

But the recent Mueller report, which cleared president Donald Trump of collusion, is still a huge talking point for the actor, and it seems he believes that the 22-month investigation by the Special Counsel, which cost the American taxpayer in excess of $25 Million, is not enough.

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Carrey, over the weekend, made it clear he has officially “washed his hands” of Robert Mueller, despite him being a hero amongst many Democrats and liberals just months ago.

“You let us down Mr. Mueller,” Carrey tweeted.

“You saw obstruction and washed your hands of it. Not indicting a President is a memo, not a law. You let a tyrant skate with ‘I don’t remember.’ You gave the enemy a leg up. Live with that…’PROSECUTOR.’”

But even though Carrey has seemingly accepted the ‘Trump Russia’ collusion conspiracy theory is no longer talking point, he seems to have quickly jumped in with the Democrat’s new narrative focusing on the president’s alleged ‘obstruction of justice’.

But Carrey’s Twitter post isn’t the first expression of furious disappointment in the results Mueller report.

A few days following the Attorney General William Bar summary of the report was released, Carrey posted, “WTF.”

The post included a Mueller with a bloody nose with the words “Umm…Rope a Dope?”

Barr has also been in Carrey’s line of fire, who was portrayed as misleading the public before he even got to release his summary.

“The Mueller report is out! The question now is…how low will this Barr go?” Carrey wrote when the final report was first delivered to Barr.

Following Barr’s summary, which Mueller reportedly agreed was not “inaccurate or misleading,” Carrey blindly jumped on the news with this post:

“Wow! How could I be so wrong abt this President?! The fact that Barr let him skate on OBSTRUCTION, even after confessing on NATIONAL TV, proves Potus is 100% above reproach! Orrrrr…he, like Gotti, slipped the noose again. So today we eat crow. Trump’s goose will be slow-cooked.”

Last year, the actor Actor Jim Carrey slammed Trump’s immigration policy describing the behavior as “worse than animals.”

But his tweet unsurprisingly offended many Trump supporters.

One Twitter user said, ” I support these policies, but I’m no animal.”

“We sit by as children are slaughtered by the hundreds in their classrooms, taken from their refugee parents and locked in cages,” Carrey wrote on Twitter.

“We treat them like animals because we’re worse than animals: we’re Donald Trump’s Americans,” Carrey ranted.

“If this wickedness goes on our fate will be a cruel one.”

Jim, please concentrate on acting or comedy, leave politics alone.

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