Joe Biden: 2nd Amendment Doesn’t Say Americans are ‘Entitled’ to Own Guns

Joe Biden: 2nd Amendment Doesn’t Say Americans are ‘Entitled’ to Own Guns

Democratic 2020 hopeful bashes gun rights for US citizens during campaign stop

Democratic 2020 hopeful Joe Biden has claimed that the Second Amendment doesn’t say that Americans are “entitled” to own guns as he reaffirmed his position concerning the Constitution for his presidential run.

The former vice president admitted that the “Second Amendment exists” but argued during a speech at a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Tuesday that it doesn’t say that Americans are “entitled” to own a gun.

Biden made the comments while taking questions at a small outdoor venue.

“By the way, if one of you left the keys in your car down the street, and a kid comes along and jumps in it and takes off, you could be held liable civilly for that,” Biden explained to a small crowd of his supporters.

“So if you own a gun, put a damn trigger lock on it. Put it in a case. You have an obligation.”

According to Breitbart, Biden also spoke about past gun bans he supported.

He specifically referenced the 1994 “assault weapons” ban and noted that it also “limited the number of bullets in a clip.”

Additionally, he spoke about being former President Barack Obama’s point man for gun control following the December 14, 2012, attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School.

He said, “There are so many other things we can do to make schools safer, other than arming teachers.”

He did not specify, however, what those other things are. Rather, he pivoted to the next question.

As Neon Nettle previously reported, during the same New Hampshire campaign stop, Biden told a crowd that he “absolutely agrees” with the idea that Donald Trump is an “illegitimate president.”

During Biden’s appearance, a woman, who described herself as a “Trump Derangement Syndrome” sufferer, blasted her president before declaring him to be “illegitimate” and saying she doesn’t “want to live in a country run by Vladimir Putin.”

When the woman finished her unhinged rant, Democrat Biden said, “I absolutely agree.”

Biden went on to criticize recently opened investigations into the origins of the Russia probe.

“You’re absolutely right,” Biden said.

“And now that they have an investigation of the investigators who are investigating whether or not Vladimir Putin and the Russians engaged in trying to affect our elections… give me a break.

“Gosh almighty.”

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