Joe Biden: I Want to Restore ‘Respect’ and ‘Civility’ to Politics

Joe Biden: I Want to Restore ‘Respect’ and ‘Civility’ to Politics

Former Vice President want to create a better ‘alternative’ to Donald Trump

Former Vice President Joe Biden has stated his intentions to create a better ‘alternative’ to Donald Trump by restoring “dignity” and ‘Respect’ to American politics.  

Biden, who was considering a possible 2020 presidential run following his criticisms of the Trump administration, was asked about what was at stake in the coming midterms:

“It’s simple, everything,” Biden said, “We are in a fight for the soul of America.”

Biden then took the opportunity for more attacks on President Trump:

“It’s about time we restore dignity to work, it’s about time we start talking to each other like we’re civilized and deal with one another with respect.”

Back in July, Biden launched an attack on the Justice Department’s “zero tolerance” policy for prosecuting illegal migrants entering the US “Grotesque lies, lies about immigrants, about crime, about costs to the community,” said Biden.

“This administration’s policies that literally rip babies from the arms of their mothers and fathers — it’s one of the darkest moments in our history.”

Joe Biden served as a Delaware senator for decades and as vice president under Barack Obama for eight years.

He opted not to run for president in 2016 following the tragic loss of his son, Beau, to brain cancer.

As vice president, Biden famously called the Tea Party “terrorists” and told an urban campaign event crowd that Mitt Romney would put them back in “chains,” were he elected president.

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Inappropriate behavior 

Biden was confronted at an event in New York being streamed in Live TV over his infamous ‘inappropriate behavior with touching young girls.

Howard Caplan attended the event at Global Institute of Long Island University, which featured speaker Joe Biden, taking the opportunity to call out the former Vice President regarding the viral videos if him groping young girls.

“Why did you molest all those girls on CSPAN?” Caplan shouted as the audience goes silent.

“It’s all on YouTube. You know you did it, everybody’s seen it!”

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