Joe Biden Leads Democratic Polls But Rally Crowds are Sparse

Joe Biden Leads Democratic Polls But Rally Crowds are Sparse

Turn out for former vice president’s 2020 events are disappointing, way off Trump’s

While Joe Biden is leading the polls as the Democrats’ top choice for 2020 presidential candidate, the crowds at his events are far from impressive, while Presdient Trump is packing out stadiums.

Although Biden may be favorite for the Democratic nomination, the reported lack of real people for him to talk to at rallies casts doubt on whether he stands a real chance of taking on Trump in next year’s election.

President Trump’s rallies are often sold-out events at large venues in front of cheering, passionate supporters.

Trump even out-sold former President Barack Obama two-to-one at one Texas event in particular.

But Biden’s staff isn’t worried about the allegedly meager number of campaign event attendees, including the lack of a crowd in Texas, according to a Politico report published Tuesday.

According to the Daily Caller, Biden’s team is sure that the Democratic frontrunner will eventually emerge with cheering people at his events.

“We’re seeing enormous enthusiasm for Joe Biden’s candidacy across the country, beginning the very first day of the campaign when he got over 100,000 contributions — 65,000 of which were brand new to our lists — from all 50 states,” said Biden campaign spokesman T.J. Ducklo.

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The Biden campaign has yet to attract even the 20,000 people who came to celebrate Kamala Harris when she announced her candidacy, Politico notes.

And Bernie Sanders?

He reportedly had 13,000 people present when he announced.

It’s also not only that fewer and fewer people seem to be attending Biden’s events; he’s also reportedly holding fewer and fewer events

“There are signs that the theme could become more prominent as the campaign progresses,” one of the president’s top surrogates, Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, told Politico.

“He wants to make America bored again.

“It’s like he wants to put his audience to sleep.”

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