Joe Biden’s Criminal Niece Avoids Jail AGAIN

Joe Biden’s Criminal Niece Avoids Jail AGAIN

Caroline Biden, who previously avoided prison for stealing $110K, arrested for DUI crash

Joe Biden’s criminal niece has avoided jail time again after being arrested for crashing into a tree while high on drugs.

Former Vice President Biden’s niece, 33-year-old Caroline Biden, continues to avoid having to serve any prison time for the string of crimes that she has committed.

Caroline is the daughter of Joe’s brother James Biden, who is himself currently entangled in a federal criminal investigation into the hospital company Americore Health.

Caroline Biden pleaded guilty to DUI on December 3 and was sentenced to 20 days to six months of “confinement,” Pennsylvania court records said, accoridng to The New York Post.

However, the small print shows that Biden won’t spend a single day behind bars after she negotiated a plea deal with the Montgomery County district attorney.

Instead of jail, she got five-plus months of probation and had to promise to attend rehab, which counted toward her sentence, court records reveal.

Caroline must complete 20 days of daytime rehab sessions in 2021 at her own convenience, according to The Sun.

DA spokeswoman Kate Delano confirmed to The Post that Caroline “will be on probation.”

Delano added: “Should she then violate or break the law at any time, then she will be on the hook for the rest of the sentence.”

Despite Caroline’s string of offenses – including drunk driving and hitting a cop – she has not been jailed.

She was busted in August 2019 for driving under the influence and without a license in Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania.

According to the news outlet, Biden’s niece crashed into a tree and allegedly had trouble answering the officer’s questions.

Her car reportedly “contained pill bottles for carisoprodol and lorazepam” – both of which were proved to be in her system during the accident.

Back in 2013, she was booked for allegedly hitting an NYPD cop, the outlet reported, during a meltdown at her Manhattan apartment.

However, the case was dismissed as she agreed to go to anger management treatment.

Just years later, in 2017, she spent more than $110,000 on a stolen credit card, the outlet claimed.

Despite admitting to stealing over $100k in a credit card scam, she was allowed to quietly cut a plea deal in Manhattan court that spared her any jail time

Her conviction was tossed and she was allowed to re-plead the lesser charge of petty larceny and walk away from court.

Her most recent arrest was the ninth among Biden’s close family members.

Biden’s daughter Ashley was involved in a pot bust when she was studying at Tulane University in 1999, but no conviction was recorded, the outlet confirmed.

Then, 10 years later, a video circulated of the girl snorting what appeared to be cocaine, but there were no legal consequences.

She was then under a second misdemeanor arrest in 2002 after she allegedly attempted to obstruct a police officer, but the charges were dropped.

Biden’s 66-year-old brother Francis, or Frank, allegedly stuffed two DVDs from a Florida Blockbuster down his pants in October 2003, cops told the Miami New Times.

After not turning up for his court hearing, the state attorney declined to prosecute, according to records obtained by the outlet.

Just months earlier, in August 2003, he got a six months probation for drink driving.

Frank was then arrested a year later for driving with a suspended license, but one again avoided jail by spending three months in rehab.

Back in 1999, he was also a passenger in a car involved in a drunk-driving accident and was partially liable for the death of 38-year-old William Albano, the NY Post reported.

Biden’s son, Hunter, was also arrested in 1988 for drug possession.

Last year, as Neon Nettle reported at the time, a police report emerged that shows cops found a crack pipe in a rental car used by Hunter in 2016, yet failed to take action.

Despite the younger Biden’s history of similar offenses, the drug charges mysteriously disappeared.

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