Joy Behar Says Trump Should Be Impeached for ‘Treason’ for Raffensperger Call

Joy Behar Says Trump Should Be Impeached for ‘Treason’ for Raffensperger Call

‘I give props to Raffensperger. He did a good job. He will not bend over’

ABC’s “The View” co-host Joy Behar reacted to the audio from President Donald Trump’s phone call where he asked Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) to “find 11,780 votes.”

During the one-hour phone call, Trump insisted he won the state and threatened vague legal consequences.

Behar said: “I thought, get the straitjacket, get the straitjacket. He’s gone.”

“This guy’s gone. He’s on his knees, begging Raffensperger.”

She continued:

“I give props to Raffensperger. He did a good job. He will not bend over.”

“He will not bend over for this guy,” she continued.

“But I’m wondering if we have the 25th Amendment because, you know, if you don’t use it with him, when are they going to use it?”

“When one flew over the cuckoo’s nest?

“When are they going to use it?”

“If they didn’t impeach him before, and I guess they could still impeach him,” Behar added.

“I understand if he gets impeached, he can’t run for president again.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin said:

“I think there’s no question that any lawyer that you speak to will tell you that this counts as conspiracy to commit election tampering, you know, especially voter suppression.”

She added:

“I hope that every single American, especially people that are still Trump supporters, listen to that tape of the call or at least read the transcript because what you have is the president of the United States asking the Georgia secretary of state to find votes, to steal an election, and to just really, I think, sabotage our democracy.”

“That is not only criminal. It is psychotic in a sense.”

Behar added, “And it’s treasonous. It’s treason.”

Hostin said, “It’s treasonous. It is treasonous.”

The GatewayPundit reported:

Raffensperger’s team leaked the call to the far-left Washington Post.

It took 24 hours for the Washington Post to publish a hit piece, using edited audio clips, on the president’s phone call.

Georgia Republican chairman David Shafer later announced that President Trump and his team filed two lawsuits against Secretary of State Raffensperger.

David Shafer said:

“President Donald Trump has filed two lawsuits – federal and state – against Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

“This was after Raffensperger secretly recorded the ‘confidential settlement discussion’ of that litigation that is still pending.

“The audio published by the Washington Post is heavily edited and omits the stipulation that all discussions were for the purpose of settling litigation and confidential under federal and state law.”

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