Judge ‘Inclined to Order Review’ of Georgia’s 2020 Election Ballots

Judge ‘Inclined to Order Review’ of Georgia’s 2020 Election Ballots

Considers having ballots unsealed and reviewed by ‘voting-integrity experts’

A Georgia judge has said that he’s “inclined to order” the state’s 2020 election ballots to undergo a review by “voting-integrity experts,” according to reports.

Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero says he’s considering having the presidential election ballots “unsealed and reviewed” following reports of “irregularities” during the vote count.

Supporters of the suggestion believe such a move that could reveal voter fraud that has been alleged to have occurred there.

Georgia’s election results saw the state give its Electoral College votes to Joe Biden.

However, Georgia is one of a handful of states where results were disputed but ultimately helped the Democrats take the White House.

Georgia was the focus of numerous allegations of “irregularities” while the votes were being counted.

Among the suspicious circumstances were huge dumps of ballots for Biden in dark-of-the-night hours after poll watchers had been told to go home as well as video of suitcases full of ballots being pulled out from under tables and counted after those watchers were gone, according to WND.

Since the election, Georgia lawmakers have worked on ways to make the ballots more secure, and less vulnerable to fraudulent schemes.

“A judge may unseal absentee ballots in Fulton County so a government watchdog can investigate allegations of voting fraud in the November election,” a report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution revealed.

The decision is pending in a lawsuit that alleges fraudulent ballots were cast and there other “irregularities” during the ballot counting on election night.

The secretary of state previously dismissed such concerns.

“Nonetheless, Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero — who is overseeing the case — said he’s inclined to order the ballots to be unsealed and reviewed by experts hired by Garland Favorito, a voting-integrity advocate,” the report said.

At a recent hearing, the judge asked for a plan to maintain the security of the ballots, which by state law are under seal with county officials.

“We want to do this in such a way that dispels rumors and disinformation and sheds light,” the judge said.

The report explained the case “is part of a wave of lawsuits that have alleged fraud or misconduct in the November presidential election.

“Some sought to overturn Joe Biden’s win in Georgia, while others sought to change election rules for the January U.S. Senate runoffs.”

Some legal challenges have sought access to ballots to see just what fraud, if any, existed.

Recently, government watchdog Judicial Watch sued Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger over allegations his office has violated the Georgia Open Records Act

His actions have been questioned because he reached a 2020 lawsuit settlement that changed the way absentee ballots could be rejected over non-matching signatures.

It’s part of the theme from multiple lawsuits in multiple states over the 2020 presidential race, where state officials changed the procedures without getting those changes approved by state lawmakers.

The problem with that is that the Constitution provides that state legislatures are to set their states’ election procedures.

The case involving Favorito seeks to review Fulton County’s absentee ballots, to resolve allegations county workers possibly fabricated ballots and counted others multiple times.

The case cites the suspicious video of election night ballot counting, as well as sworn statements from witnesses.

The ACJ said, “The observers were suspicious of ballots that were printed on a different stock of paper than regular ballots, appeared to have been printed instead of marked by ink in a voter’s hand or were not creased, indicating they had not been placed in an absentee ballot envelope and mailed.”

A spokesman for the secretary of state’s office said the witnesses “don’t understand what they’re saying.”

The judge said he would need to be assured of security before ordering the review.

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