Kanye West: Trump Supporters Are ‘Treated Like Enemies of America’

Kanye West: Trump Supporters Are ‘Treated Like Enemies of America’

Rapper says ‘Liberals bully people’ who support the president

Musician Kanye West claims that ‘liberals bully people who are Trump supporters’ during his forthcoming appearance on ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’ with David Letterman. 

The late-night talk show host interviewed the Hip Hop star for season 2 of his Netflix original series due out next Friday.

West weighs in with his thoughts on Donald Trump and compares his ‘fear’ of being a man during the #MeToo era to the backlash of being a fan of President Donald Trump.

“This is like my thing with Trump—we don’t have to feel the same way, but we have the right to feel what we feel,” West says according to Daily Beast.

Last year, West said that putting on a MAGA hat was standing up to the fear of a liberal backlash in a revealing interview on politics with Jimmy Kimmel.

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West told Kimmel in 2018 how he was told he couldn’t be vocal about his support of President Donald Trump or his “career would be over.”

But the rap star admitted: ‘I’ve never voted in my life’ and said his donning the red cap was ‘not about politics.’

Kanye says he hopes to break the stigma but who people vote for.

But his comments a criticized by the host who tells West, ‘you don’t have a say in this’ after hearing he didn’t exercise his right to vote.

Following applause, West admits after a pause: ‘Well you got me, you got me.’

According to the Daily Mail: During the interview, Letterman attempts to converse with West about voter suppressing efforts from Republicans, but West returns to his sympathy for people who voted for Trump and says they are ‘treated like enemies of America because that’s what they felt.’

Refusing to recognize loopholes used to stop people likely to vote Democrat from having their say, he then responds to Letterman’s question about who does most of the bullying.

“Have you ever been beaten up in your high school for wearing the wrong hat?” he asks.

“Liberals bully people who are Trump supporters!”

In March, Florida police were investigating an incident where a school bus aide allegedly removed 14-year-old boy Gunnar Johansson’s cap after he declined to take it off.

Students were allowed to wear caps that day if they donated to charity, and Johansson said he wore a MAGA hat ‘to show my pride in Trump America.’

Johansson told law enforcement a teacher’s aide told him to ‘never wear that nonsense on this bus again’ and allegedly yanked it off him.

His mother said she believed her son being asked to take the hat off was politically motivated. ‘

We all have a right to who we want to vote for; this is America,’ she said.

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