Law Enforcement Official: Mail Bombs May Be ‘Hoax Devices’

Law Enforcement Official: Mail Bombs May Be ‘Hoax Devices’

Investigators examining whether pipe bombs could have been fake

Following a series of mail bombs that have been sent to prominent liberal figures, a law enforcement official has told the New York Times that investigators believe the “suspicious packages” likely contained “hoax devices.”

So far, packages containing, what appears to be, pipe bombs, have been sent to George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, CNN’s NY office.

More packages were also found today with one sent to former VP Joe Biden and Trump-bashing actor Robert De Nero.

However, it appears now that the so-called bombs may have been duds, that were made to look like the bombs used on television or movies but are not meant to explode.

However, according to Infowars, one source says the bombs could have been complete duds merely made to look like bombs for dramatic effect.

“One law enforcement official said investigators were examining the possibility that they were hoax devices that were constructed to look like bombs but would not have exploded,” reports the NY Times.

“A digital clock was taped to the middle of the pipe, a feature that experts say is typically shown on fictional bombs in an attempt to ratchet up dramatic tension, but unnecessary in real life.”

“In fact, bombmakers generally avoid attaching visible clocks to their devices to keep from tipping off their targets about when the bombs are set to explode.”

As NY Times reporter John Ismay notes, some bomb technicians said that the devices were constructed to resemble bombs “depicted on television and in movies, rather than devices capable of detonating.”

Meanwhile, another law enforcement official told the Associated Press that the powder found inside the package sent to CNN was “harmless.”

The exact clock used in the device sent to CNN was also found on Amazon, revealing it to be a cheap LCD digital display that doesn’t even have an alarm, which would be necessary to trigger a detonator.

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