Lawyers Subpoena Wikileaks, Assange for Evidence Seth Rich Was DNC Leak

Lawyers Subpoena Wikileaks, Assange for Evidence Seth Rich Was DNC Leak

Twitter messages for journalists and media outlets to be surrendered

Lawyers representing Aaron Rich have sent subpoenas to WikiLeaks, Jullian Assange, Kim Dotcom and a number of other journalists and media outlets.

The notices, sent via Twitter, demand that they surrender all of their private messages from the microblogging website.

Rich’s attorneys are requesting Twitter messages that, they believe, prove that Aaron’s brother, murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich, was, in fact, the person who leaked Democratic National Committee files to WikiLeaks.

Aside from WikiLeaks and Dotcom, Cassandra Fairbanks, Roger Stone, Matt Couch and The Gateway Pundit have also received the request for their private messages.


Aaron Rich’s Democrat-connected attorneys are demanding Twitter turns over all direct messages from these accounts to Rich’s legal team.

TGP reports: Aaron is the brother of Seth Rich, the DNC operative who was murdered mysteriously in the summer of 2016.

There have been no leads to the murder of Seth Rich. Aaron Rich is suing conservative activists and media outlets for allegedly spreading conspiracy theories about the slain staffer.

On Friday Twitter sent out letters to several conservatives and media outlets including Wikileaks informing the account owners that the attorneys for Aaron Rich are seeking information from the private accounts.

Update: Here is a copy of the subpoena to Twitter:

Subpoena to Twitter Aaron RICH v. Ed Butowsky-1 by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Attorney Robert Barnes weighed in on the outrageous demands by the Obama attorneys.

Aaron Rich and Democrats insist Seth Rich had nothing to do with the leaked Hillary emails to Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

Then why are they going after Julian Assange and Wikileaks?

What are they expecting to find?

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