Leftists Who Donated To Stormy Daniels’ Legal Fund Now Paying Trump’s Court Fees

Leftists Who Donated To Stormy Daniels’ Legal Fund Now Paying Trump’s Court Fees

President Donald Trump had won the defamation suit brought by Daniels

Leftists who forked out $500,000 dollars for Stormy Daniels’ legal funds are now facing paying for Trump’s court fees after the defamation lawsuit was thrown out by a federal judge.

President Donald Trump had won the defamation suit brought by Daniels after he accused her on Twitter of lying about a man supposedly bullying her into staying quiet over sexual encounter claims.

The ruling highlighted the fact that a large number of liberals had donated vast amounts of money in the desperate hope it would bring down Trump, but is now just paying his court fees.

“On Monday, Federal District Judge S. James Otero in Los Angeles dismissed Daniels’ lawsuit against Trump, calling his tweet “rhetorical hyperbole normally associated with politics and public discourse in the United States,” reports Yahoo News.

“Stormy Daniels has to pay all of Trump’s legal fees,” remarked one Twitter user.

“All of the “resistance” people who donated to her GoFundMe is now literally paying Trump.” I’m crying with laughter.”

“Stormy Daniels ordered to pay Trump’s legal fees; the case was thrown out. Trump gets Elizabeth Warren to take a DNA test, lose a $1M bet, destroy her presidential chances,” tweeted John Durant.

The news comes as Trump blasted Sen. Warren for claiming to have Cherokee heritage, calling it a “fraud” against the public.

The president also mocked her newly released DNA test – that proves she has no more Native American ancestry than the average American – as “bogus.

“During Warren’s time as a Harvard professor, she identified as “Native American,” with the prestigious university proudly touting her as the “only Native American professor.”

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