Legal Immigrant Condemns Migrant Caravan as ‘Act of War’ on Live TV

Legal Immigrant Condemns Migrant Caravan as ‘Act of War’ on Live TV

Hansberger came to the United States legally from Nicaragua

Legal Immigrant and founder of LIFA, Legal Immigrants for America has condemned the migrant caravan as an “act of war” when she appeared on Fox News’ with Brian Kilmeade on Monday.

Hansberger, who came to the United States legally from Nicaragua, explained she went through the standard legal process by going through the embassy.

She explained how she filled out forms and submitted to a ‘vetting process’ before waiting for the embassy to approve her application.

“The caravan is an invasion and an act of war which is defined as active aggression by a country against another which constitutes an immediate threat to peace,” she said, “and, I must add, an immediate threat to national security.”

“They are a threat to our national security because today it’s not only countries that go to war. It is groups such as ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban — and they have declared war openly against the United States, so with the open borders policies we have had, how many of them are in America now?”

“And at what point are we going to (say) the organizers are committing an act of war?” she asked Kilmeade. “Is it at 40,000, when they bring in 40,000 strangers?”

According to WJ: Hansberger maintains the Nicaraguan and Hondurans are “enticed by people that fund their caravan with money. They are instructed what to say, what to do.

“They are also brainwashed to believing that they belong to the United States of America and they have rights to come in and ask for benefits,” she added.

Hansberger’s remarks came the day after President Donald Trump tweeted that migrants at the border would be turned away if they failed to apply first for asylum in Mexico.

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Maybe the liberals who have been so squishy in sympathy for illegal immigrants would be informed by someone who truly made it through the process they have already considered unfair and impracticable to navigate.

It can be done and those that do it really appreciate what this country has to offer, apparently so much so at least one has established an organization that “gives a voice to all Americans, including both native-born citizens and legal immigrants, who want to save the United States of America before it becomes a borderless, lawless, toothless remnant of the great nation that it once was.”

Thank you, Amapola Hansberger, for being a voice of reason on immigration when is seems so absent from so many, too often.

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