Liberal Journalist Admits He Faked Viral Trump Quote

Liberal Journalist Admits He Faked Viral Trump Quote

‘Kim Jong Un is smarter and would make a better President than Sleepy Joe Biden’

A liberal journalist, who posted an anti-Trump quote on Twitter, that he claimed was said by the president, has admitted that he made the whole thing up after it went viral.

According to News Thud, the fake quote came from prominent journalist Ian Bremmer, who suggested that President Trump said North Korean leader Kim Jong-un would make a better president than Joe Biden.

The fabricated statement, by foreign policy expert and TIME magazine contributor Bremmer, has drawn mounting backlash from both conservatives and liberals, who are furious over Bremmer’s false claim.

The since-deleted tweet by Bremmer read: 

“President Donald Trump in Tokyo: ‘Kim Jong Un is smarter and would make a better president than Sleepy Joe Biden.’” 

It was retweeted almost a thousand times before being taken down, with screenshots of the tweet since going viral across social media.

Anti-Trump Twitter went into overdrive over the fabricated quote of the president praising North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un.

The fake quote drew widespread real outrage from the president’s critics, including Rep. Ted Lieu and other members of the anti-Trump “resistance.”

The fictitious remark sounded almost on par with a recent tweet by Trump, who on Saturday complimented the North Korean state news agency’s insult towards Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden, saying that he “smiled” when the outlet called Biden “a low IQ individual.”

Still, none of the journalists and pundits – CNN political commentator Ana Navarro, former Clinton campaign staffer Zac Petkanas, ex-CIA Emily Brandwin and others among them – double-checked the quote before crying foul over it.

Bremmer’s remarks quickly drew condemnation from his colleagues and critics alike, who pointed out that his false reporting has done nothing to repair the media’s tarnished image.

According to RT, Navarro took to Twitter to post a lengthy rebuke, seizing on the opportunity to bash Trump for cozying up to a “cruel dictator.”

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Ca) likewise did not miss out on a chance to remind his followers of Trump’s misdeeds as interpreted by the #Resistance narrative: “kowtowing” to Russian President Vladimir Putin, “obstructing justice” in the Mueller probe, controversial Charlottesville remarks, and a zero-tolerance migration policy – it was all there.

While Twitter was focused on ravaging Trump for singing fresh praise of Kim, Bremmer came clean.

When actually asked if the quote was real, he responded with “It’s plausible,” and framed it as “a comment on the state of media and the twitterverse today.”

He further added that the quote was “objectively completely ludicrous” but might have seemed plausible to those who think uncritically. 

“Especially on Twitter, where people automatically support whatever political position they have.”

The various commentators were not pleased with having completely proved Bremmer’s point, with many demanding an apology and accusing him of giving ammunition for Trump’s crusade against “fake news.”

While Bremmer’s stunt left some demanding that Twitter removes his blue tick, others, like conservative political commentator Mike Cernovich, lauded the researcher for exposing the modern-day media’s lack of diligence and uncritical acceptance of statements that validate their views.

Bremmer has since deleted not only the original fake quote but also his own explanations and responses amid the growing backlash.

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