Lindsey Graham Calls to Investigate Deep State: Mueller Probe is ‘Over’

Lindsey Graham Calls to Investigate Deep State: Mueller Probe is ‘Over’

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman vows to probe into how it all started

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham opened a hearing about the Mueller report by vowing to investigate pro-Clinton law enforcement officials’ targeting of President Donald Trump.

“Once the Mueller report is put to bed, and it will be soon, this committee is going to look long and hard at how all of this started,” Graham, R-S.C., said.

Attorney General William Barr was met on Wednesday by the panel about special counsel Robert Mueller ‘s report, which Graham and other Republicans maintain exonerates Trump of wrongdoing.

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But Democrats now believe that Trump attempted to obstruct the investigation and blocked adequate inquiry into the collision with Russia.

Graham noted Trump’s willingness to cooperate with Robert Mueller and examined the FBI’s inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, run by anti-Trump FBI agents.

Last month, Graham called for an investigation into the FBI and Justice Department handling Hillary Clinton claiming they treated her more leniently than they did President Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Graham said he would introduce legislation to secure that investigation.

“We let [Robert] Mueller look at all things Trump-related, to conspiracy and otherwise.

“Somebody needs to look at what happened on the other side, and find out whether the FBI and the DOJ had two systems — one supporting the person they wanted to win, and one out to get the person they wanted to lose,” he said.

His comments came on the Senate floor.

“There’s more than smoking guns here. There’s overwhelming evidence that somebody outside the political system should look into,” he said.

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