Lindsey Graham Warns Nancy Pelosi; Going After Trump Will End Her Career

Lindsey Graham Warns Nancy Pelosi; Going After Trump Will End Her Career

Senator warned Democratic House speaker she would be committing ‘political suicide’

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has warned Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that if she continues to go after President Donald Trump, it will end her political career.

Sen. Graham, a close ally of Trump, warned on Sunday if Pelosi starts impeachment proceedings against the president, she would be committing “political suicide.”

“She knows that impeachment would be political suicide because there’s no reason to impeach the president,” Graham said during an interview on “Fox News Sunday.”

The South Carolina lawmaker suggested that Speaker Pelosi’s true motive is to keep hold the Democrats together and not lose control of the House of Representatives amid rising calls for impeachment from the radical far-left members of the party.

Graham warns she would lose control the House in the 2020 election should she pursue impeachment charges.

“She’s trying to keep the party intact,” he said.

“If she goes down the impeachment road, Republicans take back the House, we keep the Senate, President Trump gets reelected, but her job is very much at risk.

“So what I think is going to happen here – I think that she’s going to be driven towards impeachment.

“If she goes down that road, it will be suicide for the Democratic Party.

“From President Trump’s point of view, I disagree with the idea that you can’t work with them while they’re doing things like this.

“You have to work with him,” he added.

According to the Daily Mail, Graham was an impeachment manager in the House of Representatives in the 1990s when Republicans tried to impeach then-President Bill Clinton. 

They failed to do so and the party lost control of the House in the next election. 

Graham was discussing the end of an extraordinary week that saw Pelosi and Trump in an unprecedented war of words. 

The attacks began after a White House meeting between the two and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-New York) on infrastructure broke down on Wednesday.

Trump promptly labeled the two leaders Crying Chuck and Crazy Nancy.

“You had the group – Crying Chuck and Crazy Nancy… 

“I’ll tell you what, I’ve been watching her, and I have been watching her for a long period of time, she’s not the same person. She’s lost it,” Trump said at an event with farmers and the ranchers at the White House.

Pelosi didn’t hold back either.

“The White House is just crying out for impeachment. That’s why he flipped,” she told reporters on Capitol Hill.

“Maybe he wants to take a leave of absence. I don’t know. But on the other hand, we understand what our responsibilities are,” she charged. 

She also suggested it was time for an intervention.

“I pray for the president of the United States. I wish that his family or his administration or his staff would have an intervention for the good of the country,” she said.

The latest fracas between the executive and legislative branches comes as Trump is fighting Democratic subpoenas for his business records, his tax returns and for administration officials – both current and former – to testify before Congress.

Six House committees are investigating the president – an argument Pelosi has used to try to tamp down impeachment talk among her party. 

Graham advised the president to fight ‘tooth and nail’ against the Democratic subpoenas.

He specifically cited House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, who subpoenaed the full, unredacted report from special counsel Robert Mueller.

Nader also subpoenaed Attorney General Bill Barr and former White House counsel Don McGahn, who is frequently cited in Mueller’s report, along with McGahn’s chief of staff Annie Donaldson and former White House communications director Hope Hicks. 

“If I were the president, I’d fight back against this political revenge coming out of the House,” Graham said.

“I would fight Nadler tooth and nail,” he added.

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