Macron Concedes: Yellow Vests’ Immigration Concerns ‘Must Be Acknowledged’

Macron Concedes: Yellow Vests’ Immigration Concerns ‘Must Be Acknowledged’

French President admits concerns over globalist mass immigration

Following French President Emmanuel Macron’s address to the nation promising a minimum wage rise and tax concession, the leader also acknowledged concerns over mass immigration.

On Saturday almost 2000 people were arrested, and 264 people were injured during protests that developed into rioting and looting.

The President acknowledged that mass immigration was also a significant concern, admitting, “We must tackle the question of immigration.”

In August, Macron passed the controversial asylum and immigration law which would accelerate asylum procedures by cutting the maximum processing time to 90 days.

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France has now seen a total of four weekends of violent protests against fuel tax hikes, living costs, and education reforms.

Macron announced the minimum wage would rise by €100 per month in 2019, following the protests.

The “Yellow Vest” movement recently rejected Emmanuel Macron’s demands for talks, as the President’s approval ratings plummeted to an all-time low.

According to new polling figures, support for Macron has plummeted to the lowest in his entire Presidency.

Macron, who took power in 2017, presenting himself as a spokesman for multilateralism and globalism, has seen massive revolt as populist movements sweep across Europe.

The French President is usually present world stages pushing his agenda, but this week, he has mysteriously kept out of the limelight before addressing the nation yesterday. 

Macron originally stood firm on the crippling fuel tax hikes, insisting they were essential to combat climate change and countries reliance on oil.

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