Majority of Americans Say Kamala Harris Is Unfit to Become President: Poll

Majority of Americans Say Kamala Harris Is Unfit to Become President: Poll

just 43% said Harris was either ‘qualified’ or ‘very qualified’

Demcorat Kamala Harris is seeing her favorability plummet as Joe Biden continues to be widely criticized from both sides of th aisle for his self-imposed disaster in Afghanistan.

The majority of Americans, 55%, say Harris is “not qualified” or “not at all qualified” to become president, a Rasmussen poll revealed.

Out of those polled, just 43% said Harris was either “qualified” or “very qualified” to be president.

The figure is a 6 percentage point drop compared to the same poll in April, where 49% said she was qualified.

The fall in favorability comes amid the humiliating collapse of Afghanistan as the terror regime The Taliban took over the country after the withdrawal of U.S troops.

Earlier this year, Harris saw her net favorability turn negative as more Americans viewed her in an unfavorable light than saw her favorably.

Just 45% approved while 47% disapproved for a rating of negative 2 points.

Before that poll, she had a net equal rating, with 46% approving and 46% disapproving.

Harris has been criticized for her silence amid the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan.


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She had previously been vocal about her role in making the decisions that led to the collapse.

In July, Democrat political strategists held a “crisis” meeting in Washington, DC, to discuss the failing press image of Harris.

Former Bill and Hillary Clinton adviser, Kiki McLean, hosted the dinner with former DNC officials Leah Daughtry and Donna Brazile, former Hillary Clinton spokeswomen and Democratic strategists Adrienne Elrod, Karen Finney, former Barack Obama spokesperson, Joe Biden adviser Stephanie Cutter, and former Obama communications director Jennifer Palmieri, another Democrat who worked on Hillary’s failed presidential campaign.

At the meeting, no official from Harris’ office was in attendance, but “Harris confidant Minyon Moore” attended, reports say.

The main topic of discussion was the increasingly negative perceptions of Harris; in other words, how do they make the most unlikable Vice President in history “likable.”

Last month, Harris’s staffers were reportedly worried about the 2024 election as fears mount that she “could not defeat” President Donald Trump in the presidential race.

According to a Friday report from Axios, Harris’s aides are raising concerns that she is “f**king up” her current role and perhaps “shouldn’t be the heir apparent” to replace Joe Biden for 2024.

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