Man Told He Couldn’t Vote While Wearing A MAGA Hat

Man Told He Couldn’t Vote While Wearing A MAGA Hat

The voter was attempting to cast vote at the Northland Cathedral

A Kansas City man was told he was not allowed to cast his vote at ballot while wearing his “Make America Great Again” hat on Tuesday, according to county election officials.

The voter, who still yet to be indentified, was attempting to vote at the Northland Cathedral when a poll worker ordered him to remove his hat.

According to Tiffany Ellison, the Democratic director with the Clay County Election Board, the voter should have been allowed to wear his hat since President Trump’s iconic slogan didn’t pertain to the primary elections.

According to TruePundit: Ellison said the man was “upset” and “combative” when he was asked to remove his hat.

A Twitter user said on social media a “slightly inebriated, belligerent man wearing a red hat” argued with officials and “started to film the voters” after he was asked to take off his hat.

The man then called the Secretary of State’s Office to determine whether or not he was breaking any law — and the office confirmed he was not.

The county election board eventually “called him to let him know he could go back up there,” Ellison said. “He thanked us and apologized for his behavior.”

According to a Thursday report in the Washington Examiner, the interns were trying to make their way to the Trump International Hotel

in D.C. when the reported incident occurred.

Matthew Handy, an intern for Rep. Mike Bost, (R-Ill.), told the outlet that he and three other interns called an Uber on Tuesday evening near George Washington University.

The interns were on their way to the hotel to attend a regular gathering of Trump supporters at the Old Post Office.

Handy told the outlet that he had his MAGA hat in hand, and not on his head, in an effort to avoid imposing on any driver’s beliefs.

Handy said that he had barely entered the car when the driver asked about his and the other interns’ MAGA hats.

“He then said ‘I can’t do the ride,’” Handy said, after telling the driver that they all did possess the Trump-supporting hats, but believed that the driver was simply ribbing him.

“We asked whether he was being serious right now and he said ‘Please get out of my car,’” Handy added. “I am more disappointed that I can’t hold my political beliefs without being scrutinized, being singled out, and being downright disrespected.”

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