Manipulated Media: MSNBC Deceptively Edits Biden’s Unhinged Interaction with Voter

Manipulated Media: MSNBC Deceptively Edits Biden’s Unhinged Interaction with Voter

News channel edits former Vice President tirade out of report

Left-leaning news channel MSNBC selectively edited Presidential candidate Joe Biden‘s explosive confrontation with a voter who demanded answers on gun rights.

Biden faced backlash on Tuesday for cursing at the man for calling him out on his comments on confiscating guns from Americans.

“You are actively trying to end our Second Amendment right and take away our guns,” the worker said to Biden.

“You’re full of s**t!” Biden responded.

The former Vice president then threatened to slap the man in the face and call him a “horse’s ass.”

But unsurprisingly, none of Biden’s public outbursts made it to MSNBC’s report.

Veteran reporter Andrea Mitchell said she was paraphrasing when she misquoted Biden as saying, “you’re full of it,” instead of saying what he actually said.

GOP National Spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington accused the news channel of manipulating the video in a tweet.

“MSNBC’s take on Joe Biden attacking a union worker in Michigan, calling him ‘full of sh*t,’ a ‘horse’s ass,’ and threatening to slap the worker? Just Joe ‘mixing it up’ They also selectively edited the video to leave out the insults and the threat,” Harrington tweeted.

“Manipulation!” she added.

The news comes just days after Twitter flagged a video of Biden shared by President Trump as “manipulated media.”

Watch MSNBC’ version of the video below

[embedded content]

The label, which was announced as part of a new policy last month, is meant to apply to media that has been “significantly and deceptively altered or fabricated,” according to TechCrunch.

But it now remains to be seen if Twitter will apply the same rules to MSNBC’s heavily edited video.

MSNBC conveniently failed to mention that Biden publicly announced that Beto O’Rourke would front his gun control efforts last week.

O’Rourke previously told CNN that his administration would confiscate guns from gun owners.

O’Rourke rejected the idea that the gun confiscation would involve Americans voluntarily handing over their legally purchased firearms.

“It’s not voluntary. It’s mandatory,” O’Rourke said at the time.

In November, Biden praised O’Rourke, saying his “passion” for gun confiscation was “inspiring.”

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