Mardi Gras Float Depicts Hillary Clinton Strangling Jeffrey Epstein – WATCH

Mardi Gras Float Depicts Hillary Clinton Strangling Jeffrey Epstein – WATCH

Effigies in New Orleans suggest Epstein didn’t kill himself

A float at this year’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans has suggested that deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself, but was instead strangled by his former ally, Hillary Clinton.

The float featured twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with her hands holding, what appears to be, a sheet around the neck of convicted pedophile Epstein – who is wearing an orange prison jumpsuit with his name on the chest.

The effigy of Hillary is depicted as aggressively attacking a worried-looking Epstein, who is tugging at the sheet Clinton is holding around his neck.

On the side of the vehicle, it reads, “I’m as innocent as OJ” in reference to OJ Simpson.

The float was followed by an army of “Swinging Epsteins” all dressed in orange jumpsuits and grey wigs with bedsheet nooses swinging around their necks.

Some of the Epsteins were carrying giant cardboard cutouts of Clinton and Epstein’s faces.

Reveler Paul Blair reports that wasn’t the only political float.

“I also loved this anti-Communist float from Mardi Gras last night, which made fun of the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and pretty much all Democrat ‘free’ government plans and ideas,” he tweeted.

He noted it appears Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is driving the bus.

There was also float depicting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi….along with her two articles of impeachment.

Last year, the internet and social media were awash with memes referencing the controversial alleged suicide of the highly connected billionaire while under police custody.

The Clinton-linked sex offender was found dead in his jail cell with awaiting trial for child sex trafficking charges.

The memes’ message was simple: Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself.”

New Orleans Mardi Gras revelers spotted the Epstein/Clinton being paraded on St Charles Avenue.

The float was a part of the Krewe d’Etat parade.

Krewe d’Etat is known for their floats depicting political satire and social commentary.

The krewe also paraded a float celebrating Louisiana State University’s National Championship win in football.

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