Marine Veteran Violently Attacked by Liberals for Visiting Trump Star in LA

Marine Veteran Violently Attacked by Liberals for Visiting Trump Star in LA

Trump star on the Hollywood Walk of fame descends into chaos

A Marine veteran and a man wearing a Trump T-shirt were violently attacked by liberals near the Trump star on the Hollywood Walk of fame.

The shocking video shows a man confronting Elijah Schaffer, who is wearing the Trump shirt.

The crazed liberal, who appears to Hispanic, shouts, “I can say n*gger if I want to” twice before attempting to escalate the confrontation.

Schaffer responds by telling the man “get out of my face” before he is attacked by another Asian man.

According to Infowars: The anti-Trump agitator throws the first punch at the veteran and then the man involved in the first confrontation physically assaults the veteran and Schaffer.

Other anti-Trump agitators join in the fight before one of them launches a kick at a man filming the scenes on a large camera.

A group of teenagers then break out in a chant of “fuck Donald Trump” as Schaffer and the veteran, who ably defended themselves against the mob, leave the area.

Singer Joy Villa said herself, Schaffer and the Marine veteran were “surrounded by (a) violent mob” and pointed the finger at Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters for inciting the violence.

24-year-old Austin Clay said he later received praise from celebrities like Robert De Niro and Chelsea Handler.

“I think I did, like, a real good act,” said Clay. “Personally, I don’t feel resentful. I feel proud of myself.”

Meanwhile, alleged pedophile Kevin Spacey and rapist Bill Cosby’s stars remain untouched.

On Wednesday, another liberal protestor has attacked Donald Trump’s iconic Walk of Fame star in Hollywood and completely destroyed it with a pickaxe.

According to witnesses, a “protestor” pulled the tool from a guitar case and smashed the president’s monument to pieces in a mindless act of vandalism of public property.

The culprit reportedly fled the scene, leaving the pickaxe behind in the pile of rubble.

According to law enforcement, he called the police himself to report it but left the scene before they got here.

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