Mark Cuban Calls to ‘Update’ 2nd Amendment: ‘Do Guns Completely Differently’

Mark Cuban Calls to ‘Update’ 2nd Amendment: ‘Do Guns Completely Differently’

Billionaire says 200-year-old amendment ‘has created its own set of problems’

Billionaire Mark Cuban has called for an “update” of the Second Amendment, saying he “would do guns completely differently.”

Dallas Mavericks owner Cuban said in a recent interview that he believes the 200-year-old amendment “has created its own set of problems.”

Speaking with Yahoo Finance’s Andy Serwer during the interview that aired Thursday, Mr. Cuban said: “I would do guns completely differently.”

Cuban acknowledged that changing a constitutional amendment would be difficult, but he offers up his three ideas on what he would change.

What changes would Mark Cuban make?

According to The Blazer, the ABC “Shark Tank” co-host said that he “would change the Second Amendment in ways that people probably wouldn’t expect.”

Cuban laid down his ideas, saying:

What I would do is this:

1. Every American citizen has the right to own a gun. Period End of story – written in the amendment.

2. The federal government will never be allowed to confiscate that gun from an individual. Period. End of story.

3. States have the right to manage the purchase and ownership and management of guns owned and within their borders. So that if you live in a state like Texas, if the law in Texas is open carry – so be it. If you live in Pennsylvania, where they’re more stringent and they don’t want you to be able to have a gun, other than in your own premise or you know under lock and key, or you have to do a background check, then that’s up to them to decide.

The more than 200-year-old “Second Amendment has been analyzed up and down and backwards and forwards and it’s created its own set of problems,” Cuban added. Let’s update it.”

Did Mark Cuban discuss politics?

At this point, Cuban said he believes President Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

He said he’s not a fan of Trump’s tariffs but that he understands the president’s strategy.

“In terms of battling China, I would approach it differently because I think tariffs are a tax on the American people,” Cuban said.

“But at the same time, I think we have a variety of other leverage points.”

Chinese companies have a market cap of more than $1.4 trillion on the American stock exchanges, he explained.

“They’re raising money via IPO,” Cuban said.

“It’s something we can’t do in China.”

And he had some advice for the president.

“I’d shut down all Chinese IPOs as a first step,” Cuban continued.

“And given his propensity for using Twitter and just as a kind of throwing warning shots, you know, I would … throw out there that we might put a halt on the trading of Chinese listed stock in the United States.”

That would create “a lot of disruption for Chinese companies,” he added.

As far Cuban making a bid for president, Cuban reiterated from a previous interview that it would take a certain set of circumstances to entice him to run.

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