Mark Zuckerberg Reveals He’s ‘Not Human’ During Speech

Mark Zuckerberg Reveals He’s ‘Not Human’ During Speech

Facebook owner declares that he ‘was human’ during talk

For years, theories have been floating around the internet that suggest Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is not human, but actually a robot.

When Zuckerberg was called in front of Congress to answer questions on the Cambridge Analytica scandal, his robotic demeanor fanned the flames of the theories even further.

Images and videos from the Congressional hearing quickly went viral, with almost all of them turned into MEMEs suggesting that head of the world’s largest social network, was in fact, a cyborg.

Now, a clip of Mark Zuckerberg giving a talk to students in 2014 has reemerged in which he declares that he “was human.”

Answering questions from the audience, he says:

“You need to remind yourself that you need to focus.

“Try not to let stuff bother you… As much as possible.

“But, it is going to bother you because you are human.

“And, I was human

“I AM human… Still…

“But…I was just referring to myself in the past.

“Not that I was not human.”


A search for “Is Mark Zuckerberg Human?” yields more than 20,000 results on YouTube.

Was his comment in 2014 an innocent slip of the tongue, or a rare software glitch prompted by a Blade Runner-esque question that induced a sort of Voight-Kampff test for the replicant social media guru?

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In April, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced US Congress following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

While there, Zuckerberg answered questions from senators (who reportedly have the average age of 62) on a number of topics, including privacy, ‘data-mining’, the company’s regulations and even how it makes money.

While he defended his company’s practices, over on Twitter, users were too busy pondering if Zuckerberg was a robot.

Although it was probably wasn’t one of Zuckerberg’s best days; it doesn’t seem to have done his business much harm.

By the time of the first break in first day’s proceedings, Facebook’s share price rose by five percent.

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