Maxine Waters Demands ‘Lowlife, Lying, Crooked, Tax Evader’ Trump Resigns

Maxine Waters Demands ‘Lowlife, Lying, Crooked, Tax Evader’ Trump Resigns

California Democrat unloads on her president in unhinged rant

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) unloaded on the presdient during a Tuesday rant in which she called for Trump to resign.

Waters, who is one of the more outspoken anti-Trump lawmakers in Congress, blasted President Donald Trump as a “lowlife” – among other insults – while calling for his resignation.

Low life Trump – lying, crooked, tax evader, porn star fornicator – should take his ridiculous self home, resign, and free us of what we will have to do to impeach him and throw him out of office!” Waters, chair of the Financial Services Committee, ranted in a Tuesday tweet.

According to GWP, Waters calls for Trump’s impeachment on a regular basis and her committee launched a massive investigation into Trump’s finances BEFORE he was president.

Last week it was reported that “Mad” Maxine Waters has already obtained President Trump’s financial documents from Wells Fargo and TD Bank.

NBC News reported that two out of nine financial institutions have already complied with subpoenas issued by the House Financial Services and handed over thousands of documents to the Committee.

“The subpoenas issued to Deutsche Bank and Capital One by Chairpersons Schiff and Waters are unlawful and illegitimate,” Trump’s lawyers said in a statement last month.

“They seek information going back decades from anyone with even a tangential connection to the President, including children, minors and spouses.

“Every citizen should be concerned about this sweeping, lawless, invasion of privacy.

“We look forward to vindicating our clients’ rights in this matter.”

In a reaction Wednesday to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s statement on closing his investigation into Russia collusion allegations against Trump, Waters again lashed out.

During his live public statementMueller confirmed that his investigation found no evidence of collusion with Russians from anyone on Trump’s campaign.

“Mueller made clear Trump is NOT exonerated and that AG Barr is a liar,” Waters tweeted.

“Mueller did his job now it’s time for Congress to do its job. No more hiding behind the special counsel. Enough is enough. It’s time to #ImpeachTrump. We can’t wait for 2020. The time is NOW!”

According to Breitbart, Waters has been calling for Trump’s impeachment even before the Mueller investigation got underway in May 2017.

Mueller, however, did not attack Barr in his announcement.

“We appreciate that the attorney general made the report largely public, and we do not question the attorney general’s good faith in that decision,” Mueller said.

Mueller said the conclusions laid out in his final report will stand and he would not comment further on the investigation even if he were to testify before Congress.

But because Mueller said, “If we had confidence the president did not commit a crime we would have said so,” Trump critics are already jumping on the impeachment bandwagon.

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