Megan Rapinoe Beats Trump in Hypothetical 2020 Election, Poll Shows

Megan Rapinoe Beats Trump in Hypothetical 2020 Election, Poll Shows

Co-captain of the World Cup-winning US Women’s National Soccer Team is tested

U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT) co-captain Megan Rapinoe beat President Donald Trump in a hypothetical 2020 presidential election matchup, according to a recent poll.

The poll from Public Policy Polling shows Rapinoe defeating Trump if the pair was to go head-to-head in the next national general election.

The theoretical Megan Rapinoe v. Donald Trump 2020 matchup resulted in Rapinoe getting 42 percent of the vote, compared to 41 percent for Trump.

The voters who are undecided in the PPP Rapinoe/Trump head to head voted for Hillary Clinton by 58 points. 

According to Breitbart, Rapinoe has in many ways become a media fascination, best known for protesting during the U.S. national anthem.

Given Rapinoe’s strong opposition to President Trump and her strong stances on political issues, Public Policy Polling decided to poll a head-to-head contest between the president and the soccer star.

The result? Rapinoe bested the president by one percentage point.

“By popular demand,” the group exclaimed on its announcement.

“PPP tested how a Megan Rapinoe v. Donald Trump 2020 match-up would shake out, and we found that Rapinoe gets 42% to 41% for Trump.”

PPP added that the poll shows Trump’s vulnerability for his 2020 reelection.

“Rapinoe may be an unlikely Presidential candidate, but her numbers still speak to a broader truth about Trump’s standing,” PPP said.

“The fact that he polls in the low 40s against any Democrat he gets tested against shows that electability concerns are overrated and Democrats should feel comfortable voting for the candidates they like the best, not just the ones they think have the best chance of beating Trump,” PPP adds.

Still, the poll is little different than the group’s polling of head-to-head surveys of Trump versus any of the current crop of Democrats.

The numbers PPP has gotten place Trump in the same percentages across the board.

The results mean that respondents are no more excited about Rapinoe than they are of any of the other Democrats in the 2020 contest against the president.

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