Mexico Claims US ‘Entities’ are Funding Migrant Caravans

Mexico Claims US ‘Entities’ are Funding Migrant Caravans

Tax officials freeze assets of 26 entities believed to be involved in human trafficking

Mexican tax officials have alleged that certain entities tied to the United States and England are linked to human smuggling and organizations involved in promoting Central American migrant caravans.

The officials froze the assets of individuals and entities accused of involvement, according to reports.

The caravans moved thousands of individuals from the “northern triangle” to Mexico to the U.S. border.

The migrant caravans’ funding came from the U.S., England, Africa, and Central America.

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Mexico’s Finance and Tax Secretariat (SHCP) said in a statement they had frozen the accounts, and the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) is investigating the matter.

The operation trailed financial movements from October 2018 to determine the sources of funding for the migrant caravans.

The UIF identified a group of individuals that made suspicious international financial transactions from the cities of Chiapas and Queretaro in the period the caravans were moving, according to the UIF statement.

The Mexican authorities followed the path of the caravans and the financial operations from Queretaro to the border cities of Tijuana, Nogales, Ciudad Juarez, Ciudad Acuna, Piedras Negras, and Reynosa.

According to Breitbart: Based on that information, Mexican authorities were able to determine the source of the funds to the U.S., England, Cameroon, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, the statement revealed.

Based on the result of the investigation, the UIF moved to freeze the accounts in Mexico of the 26 individuals and entities that are thought to have helped fund the migrant caravans or contributed to human smuggling organizations, the SHCP statement revealed.

While authorities did not name the individuals or the entities whose assets they froze, they revealed that they would be filing complaints with Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office for prosecution.

The action comes at a time when Mexican officials are meeting with their U.S. counterparts in an attempt to keep the Trump administration from levying tariffs on international commerce as a punitive measure over the country’s lax approach to migration.

Mexico has already started sending migrants back to Guatemala as President Donald Trump’s threats of harsh tariffs against the country become a reality.

Migrants heading for the US Southern Border through Mexico are being transported back to Guatemala as Mexican officials panic amid the imposing tariffs.

On Thursday, illegal immigrants were seen being transported across the international bridge between Mexico and Guatemala in Ciudad Hidalgo on Government buses.

Last year, we reported a group of George Soros-backed attorneys helped migrant caravans gain entry to the United States.

Roughly 3,000 migrants have flooded the border city of Tijuana in Mexico, just south of California, hoping to gain entry to the US last year.

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