Michael Moore: Police Officer Should Be Screened For ‘Racism’

Michael Moore: Police Officer Should Be Screened For ‘Racism’

Liberal filmmaker’s push to ‘defund the police’

Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore says police officers should face screening for “racism” during an episode of his podcast Rumble.

Moore said the push to “defund the police” must include pressure on police to be screened for “racism,” he told Marc Lamont Hill, a media studies professor and production professor at Temple University.

The filmmaker failed to give specifics on how “racism” could be identified in cops.

“Had ‘defund the police’ not been shouted over and over and over again — it’s scared the sh*t out of all the people that should have been scared by it.”

“And now we’re actually having a conversation about why do we have a police force that looks like the Soviet army?”

“What is the point of that? And like you said, can’t this money be used in a better place to help people?” Moore said.

“Of course, nobody wants to get rid of the police,” Moore continued.

“We need police, but we don’t need the police trying to be a social worker, trying to be a psychiatrist, and police have not been vetted in terms of their racism and all the other things that we have to deal with.”

“I don’t want this issue to die, Mark.”

“We have to stay on top of this. We have to force Biden and his people to stay on top of this.”


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“We will have such a better country,” the Michael Moore in TrumpLand director said.

Moore called then for the release of all “non-violent” convicted criminals from prisons.

But the filmmakers’ definition of “non-violent” as those who “did not harm another human being.”

We’ve got to really open up the prisons and let people out. I mean, okay, granted there are some people that need to be separated from the rest of us, okay, we all know their names. We know who they are. We grew up with some of them, but having said that, I’ve wanted to make a documentary for some time where I just go around with a big bus or some kind of thing where I just go from prison to prison, knock on the door, and demand that they let everybody go, and then they’ll look at me like I’m weird, but maybe the warden or somebody will send a PR person out first and we’ll, and I’ll have a discussion, or we’ll start a negotiation because I’m not leaving.

I’m not leaving until you let the people out of this prison, and then if you want, you can start with a non-violent one, okay? Anybody in there who we did not harm another human being — that’s what I call violence — I’m not talking about somebody that threw a rock through a window. I’m talking about somebody who harmed another human being, okay? Just set that issue aside for right now. Let all the other non-violent people out. Let anybody in there out who was put in there because of drug possession. Let them all out, and I got more buses coming if you need more room here.

This is just a movie idea I had.

Moore described prisons as components of a racial system of discrimination intended to remove “voting rights” from black Americans.

“It’s not a matter of so much what you did, but it’s what the society has set up because basically, the society wanted you removed, wanted you there, wanted the separation, wanted to take away your voting rights,” Moore claimed.

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